WWE SummerSlam 2006 Poster Released; Featuring D-X

WWE has released the 2006 SummerSlam Promotional Poster. It's quite a funny poster actually as it features a large shot of DX (HBK & HHH) standing in the forefront cooking out on a grill. The funniest thing about it is that HBK is holding a very small sausage while HHH is holding one that is over a foot long!


Behind them we see John Cena running into the swimming pool setting up for a belly flop. We also see King Booker in the background getting some food at a table along with Batista who is posing alongside Torrie Wilson holding some hot dogs. Rey Mysterio is lying out in the sun with Kurt Angle standing behind him holding a life preserver as he glares into the sky. We also see Melina and I believe Candice soaking up the sun in some nice bikinis.

Behind all of them we see the Spirit Squad horsing around along with some other various Smackdown & RAW Superstars. Below the poster we see all three logos for Smackdown, ECW, & RAW which basically confirms that ECW will be involved with SummerSlam in some form. All in all a very funny poster. SummerSlam is slated to take place on August 20th, from Boston's Feet Center.