Big Heat On JBL, Angle's ECW Status, & More

JBL is said to have alot of heat with the boys right now after last night's SummerSlam broadcast. The heat stems from a comment he made during the Rey Mysterio – Chavo Guerrero match in which he made reference to Eddie being a groomsman at his wedding saying Eddie was a groomsman at his wedding and that he had to have extra security to keep him from falling off the wagon. That comment made alot of people mad, myself included, as it was totally tasteless and out of line.

Kurt Angle was scheduled to be involved in the ECW World Title match last night at SummerSlam between The Big Show and Sabu but his groin tear made WWE decide to change the plans and leave Angle out of it. He is said to be scheduled to work the ECW house show tonight in a squash match and to see how he feels after that.