Big Late-Evening Update: ECW, Torrie, Lance Storm, & More

Comcast Cable launches WWE's video on demand 24/7 service in Boston on 8/19.

According to reports, ECW's house show over the weekend in Pine Bluff, AR drew 2,600 fans.

Oshkosh Northwestern posted an article on Smackdown's Little Bastard entitled "Oshkosh man finds pot of gold at end of wrestling rainbow".


WWE Stocks closed the day at 16.11, a 1.53% increase over Friday's closing. The day's range was 16.00 – 16.30. has removed Kristal Marshall's profile off the Smackdown roster page.

Torrie Wilson's Wet 'N Wild Used Bucket is available for auction.

Chloe, Torrie Wilson's TV dog, has it's own bio on WWE. com It's signiture move is called the Chole Tush Push.

Lance Storm has updated his Q & A section of his web site.