Big Show Spits In Fans Face, Roadkill's New Look, Sandman, More

The Big Show seemed to be legitimately angry at Saturday's ECW house show in Elmira, NY. He came over to a few ringside fans and started screaming at them, asking them if they were tough enough to confront him. He actually tried to reach out and grab some of them but they were too far away. He then went to a fan who was taunting him and proceeded to blow snot all over him. The fan became infuriated and spit on the Big Show. Security immediately came over and removed the fan. As it turns out, a short video of this confrontation made its way onto YouTube.

On the Xtreme Channel in Canada, there have been some edits to the ECW broadcasts. When a chairshot is about to be delivered, the picture freezes right before the impact, although the audio continues. Also, the picture freezes whenever Sabu performs the Arabian facebuster. On some episodes, The Sandman's cane shots were covered up to show the crowd instead.

Apparently, Roadkill has significantly altered his appearance. He has shaved off his goatee and he now comes to the ring without a shirt on. If an image of his new look turns up, I'll be sure to post it.

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