Bob Holly & Matt Striker Debut For ECW Last Night

Douglas Mellott sent this:

– CM Punk defeated Rene Dupree

– Derrick Neikirk and Ryan O’Reilly defeated Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke

– Hardcore Holly defeated Balls Mahoney…Hardcore Holly is now a heel in ECW and received a warm “Welcome Back” chant. Holly comes out and runs down Altoona and says that ECW is supposed to be hardcore. A sparkplug chant starts up and Holly tells of the fans for it. He calls out Mahoney since he supposed to be hardcore. This brought out Balls. I have always heard the stories about how stiff Hardcore works and he proved it tonight. Right of the bat Holly throws a punch at Balls and nails him right in the mouth with it and what I thought was spit lands near where I’m sitting. I see Balls holding his mouth and then I look back down and part of one of Ball’s tooth is sitting on the floor near me. Twice during the match Balls starts to punch Holly which gets the Balls chants going but Holly stops them before Balls can finish. Finally on the third try Balls is able to finish the chants. At one point in the match a guy sitting behind us was cheering for all the heels and was cheering for Holly. Holly comes over to the ropes near us and looks at the guy and goes “stop that”. Holly ended up getting the win with the Alabama Slam.

– Rob Van Dam defeated Kevin Thorn…Rob Van Dam received the biggest pop of the night.

– Matt Striker came out and started to do the usual run down of Altoona saying how he normally is in front of 50,000 fans every Monday but tonight he has to be here in Altoona, PA. This started a “you suck d***” chant. He corrected everyone and said that it is a penis. And he then went on to say this would lead into his lesson, anatomy. He then started to technically describe a woman’s anatomy from their mamories to their labia. Striker then MC’d the “Best Body Contest.”

5. Francine vs. Kelly Kelly – Extra Body Contest – Francine got the old ECW ovation but I was really surprised at the ovation for Kelly Kelly. I had been hearing most places booing her but not here. Kelly won and afterwards Francine offered to shake Kelly’s hand and did but then grabbed her hair from behind and they did the usual ECW cat fight which brought out Mike Knox who shoved Francine out of the ring. This then lead to Sandman coming out. Sandman did his usual entrance going around to all corners out side the ring area. Sandman got into the ring and nailed Mike Knox with the Singapore cane twice in the head. Then Matt Stryker got the stupid idea to attack Sandman and he tasted the cane next. This then lead to Test coming out and attacking Sandman which of course then lead to Tommy Dreamer coming out to even the score. Dreamer and Sandman cleared the ring and Dreamer then took the mic and talked about tearing down the house here in Altoona in 97. He asked Test if he was even wrestling in 97. Dreamer then went on to thank everyone in attendance for being here at ECW instead of at home watching some show on TV called Monday Night RAW which got a huge pop. Dreamer than challenged Knox and Test to a tag match….

– Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman defeated Mike Knox and Test.

– ECW World Title Match: The Big Show defeated Sabu in an “Extreme Rules” match to retain the title.

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