D-X angle coming to an end, new ECW better than the old?

Ever since the D-X angle started earlier this summer, the plan was for the duo to only remain together through SummerSlam to get Triple H over as a face. However, the popularity of the duo led to a change of plans, although it's still believed that D-X will only stay together for a couple more months.

Shawn Michaels has been hesitent about the reunion from the beginning as he felt it would clash with his religious beliefs. WWE has tried to work around that, however Michaels in a recent WWE.com interview mentioned that he still felt uncomforatable with a lot of the angles D-X has been involved in.

I ve done my best to stand strong, but I set out some guidelines of things I wasn t going to do, Michaels said in the WWE.com interview. They slowly try to creep them in and I slowly do my best to fight them off, and they say OK and they back off for a week and then they try to creep back up again. It s a non-stop struggle, and everybody s trying to&

You know, this company has a product to put out, obviously DX has sort of an image to uphold. Really, I ve tried to do my best to do that and still stay true to my beliefs and it s been difficult. I know that there have been a lot of people who have come down on me and I ve taken a lot of heat for it; I m used to that. Thank goodness me getting heat on myself for various reasons is no different now than it was 10 years ago, although it may just come from a different sect or a different group of folks. There are two roads: a road to righteousness and a road to destruction, and as I ve always said, I try not to beat anybody over the head with it. But I like to think I m staying true to my faith.

With Michaels discomfort with D-X and with many feeling that the D-X act has already gotten stale, it will be interesting to see if WWE pulls the plug on D-X after SummerSlam as originally planned.

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