D-X Vandal Arrested, WM23, Orton vs. King, & More

Waheed Muzamil passed on a link to a story that has made the rounds in the last few days about a 20 year old man named Joshua Prue who was caught spray painting the "DX" logo on various buildings, cars and signs in New Hampshire. A video clip of the damage can be seen at wmur.com/news/9625278/detail.html.

Ghetto Blaster sent this in: Bill Simmons, ESPN.com Page 2 columnist, has an article up which includes him listing Randy "Macho Man" Savage as the greatest wrestler he's ever seen and gives 10 reasons why.

Corey sent word that the presale deadline for the WrestleMania 23 ticket order forms is Friday, August 11.

WAGNER735 sent this in: I was looking on BestBuy.com and I found that the new D-X dvd came with a free copy of Vengeance 2006 dvd for only $15.99. Although it is not available untill August 8, it is available for pre-order at BestBuy.com.

WWE.com has an article up regarding the scheduled Randy Orton vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler match tonight on Monday Night Raw at WWE.com.