ECW Makes Batista Lose His Cool, Colleagues Upset

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Batista receieved negative feedback from many of his colleagues for how he handled the booing at the 8/1 ECW show. He was told ahead of time by Vince McMahon and Johnny Ace that booing was likely to occur, however, he lost his cool within seconds of walking to the ring and he never seemed to get past it.

Batista's appearance was heavily edited during the international broadcast of the show. They edited in footage of fans cheering him on and holding positive signs. Also, all the negative chants were overdubbed with a five-minute long "ECW" chant. And lastly, most of the comments both Joey Styles and Tazz made when they called attention to the crowd's negative reaction were removed. When it was all said and done, the editing made it come off as the most positive reaction to an ECW match since its inception.

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