ECW's New SCI-FI Deal, Thorn/Ariel, Lots More Inside has a story on the workouts held at Afa's Wild Samoan Training Facility on Tuesday. A number of potential WWE stars trained in front of V.P. of WWE Talent Relations John Laurinaitis, Manager of WWE Developmental Mike Bucci and Manager of WWE Talent Appearances Mark Carrano.

WWE will be holding yet another season of WWE Fantasy. This will be the 8th Season of the game. Registration for Season 8 is now open.

WWE and Sci-Fi are finishing up on a new deal now that current contract has expired. The sides are said to be much closer on money and a deal is expected any day now. Also note, the new deal will include a replay airing of the ECW show each week. Sci-Fi asked for it and WWE had no problem with it.

On Thursday, will post an interview they conducted with Kevin Thorn and Ariel in which they explain their love life. This interview will give some much needed insight into their characters.