ECW On Sci Fi Results - August 1, 2006


ECW on Sci Fi opened with a shot of a very full (they said it was sold out) Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City.

Extreme Rules Match
The Sandman & Tommy Dreamer vs. Mike Knox & Test, with Kelly

Sandman did his entrance from the top balcony, while the recent events between Sandman and Knox were recapped. Dreamer then made his own entrance, while the situation between him and Test was recapped. They received an "ECW" chant from the crowd. Knox, Test and Kelly then entered. The fans chanted "You Suck D***" and suddenly the crowd noise disappeared from the broadcast. It came back up for the "She Got Herpes" chant, then went back down again.

Sandman and Test brawled in the ring, while Dreamer and Knox fought on the floor. Sandman dropkicked Test in the ring, while Knox crotched Dreamer on the guardrail on the outside. Knox rolled in and helped Test double team Sandman. There was a "You Can't Wrestle" chant for Test. It is hilarious listening to how the crowd audio is coming in and out, depending on the chant. Dreamer ran back into the ring. Dreamer DDT'd Knox and Sandman gave Test a White Russian legsweep. Dreamer and Sandman went under the ring and tossed in some weapons.

Test was thrown to the floor, while the fans chanted for tables. Sandman and Dreamer went under the ring and pulled out a barbed wire covered board. There was an ECW chant as they set it up in the ring. Knox avoided being whipped into it, and Test ran in with the Singapore cane and stopped Dreamer and Sandman from suplexing Knox into it with a series of shots. Dreamer was busted open from the cane shot. Test missed a charge on Dreamer and went into the ringpost. Sandman threw Knox out of the ring. Dreamer hit Test with a trash can. On the floor, Kelly stood between Sandman (who had his cane back) and Knox. Sandman threw Kelly into the ring, then started caning Knox, following him up the aisle and caning him all the way to the back.

In the ring, Kelly was left with a bloody Dreamer. Dreamer played nice with her, and acted like he wanted to dance with her, then put her over his knee, pulled up her skirt and spanked her. Paul Heyman's helmeted security came in and attacked Dreamer, as Heyman came down the aisle. The security choked Dreamer with nightsticks, while Heyman mocked Dreamer's old crucifix pose. The fans chanted "You sold out". Heyman yelled "Now" at the security guards, and they threw Dreamer into the barbed wire board. Heyman and the security left, and Test came back in and threw Dreamer into the barbed wire a second time. Test then hit the TKO for the pin at the nine minute mark.

Winners: Test & Mike Knox

Test stood over Dreamer as they went to commercial.

Paul Heyman was backstage with his security. Danny Doring, Roadkill, Stevie Richards, Little Guido (all taped up) and Francine all turned their backs on him when he walked by. Sabu appeared, and Paul Heyman said he knew what Sabu wanted. Sabu said "I want the Big Show". Heyman said he appreciated what Sabu has done for ECW, but Big Show as champion was a "long term investment". Heyman said he could never allow Sabu to take on the Big Show. Heyman said last week was in the past, and he asked Sabu to leave the building, saying if he didn't, he would have him removed. Sabu and Heyman stared eye to eye as they cut away.

CM Punk was shown in the back, saying he would make the most of his opportunity tonight with his ECW debut.

Justin Credible vs. CM Punk

There were a lot of CM Punk signs in the crowd, and he got a chant as the match began. They traded waistlocks, and Punk tripped Credible and put him in a front facelock. Credible broke out with shoulderblocks in the corner, but Punk avoided a charge and applied a Tarantula variation on the ropes. Punk then went for a springboard, but Credible slammed him off the ropes. Credible hit some forearms to the back, but Punk floated over a suplex and hit some kicks. Punk went for a backdrop, but Credible blocked it and hit two vertical suplexes, then a Northern Lights suplex with a bridge for a two count. Credible chopped Punk, then applied the single leg crab (rolling style ala Lance Storm).

Punk struggled in the hold, but rolled out of it. Credible went right after the back with a forearm, but Punk hit a back elbow and a pair of kicks. Credible backdropped Punk to the ring apron. Punk hit a forearm, then a springboard clothesline for a two count. Punk hit some knees tot he gut, then hit a jumping knee in the corner and followed with a bulldog. Punk hit a backhand and a side kick, then hit a uranage. Punk went right into an overhead wristlock/choke and Credible tapped out at the six minute mark.

Winner: CM Punk

A video package on Batista was shown.

Shannon Moore was shown sitting on the floor of a NY Subway car.

The Brooklyn Brawler Steve Lombardi was in the ring, getting a nice hand from the fans. He said he was "too Extreme" for Raw, and "too Hardcore" for Smackdown. Brawler said ECW was the perfect place for him, and said he would be the ECW World Champion. Kurt Angle's music then hit. Angle got a big pop and a "Welcome Back" chant.

Kurt Angle vs. Brooklyn Brawler

Angle grabbed a double leg takedown and went for an ankle lock, but Brawler grabbed the ropes. Angle slapped Lombardi as he broke the hold. Brawler yelled "I'm not scared of you" and shoved Angle. Angle headbutted Lombardi to the mat with one shot, and slapped on the ankle lock with a leglace for the tapout in under a minute.

Winner: Kurt Angle

A video package on the Big Show was shown.

Ariel was shown in a candlelit area. She said that society forced people "like them" into the darkness, but she said that last week Kevin Thorn "stepped into the light". Yep, he's got a name! Thorn entered and said "the blood of ECW" would be his.

ECW Championship Match
Big Show vs. Batista

There was an "RVD" chant after Big Show entered. Batista came out, and the cameras focused on two Batista signs (held by young children) in the crowd. Batista stopped to argue with some fan briefly in the aisle during his entrance. Boos for Batista, although he definitely had some crowd support. A roll of toilet paper was thrown into the ring during the introductions. Boos for Big Show too. I guess neither is the fan favorite in NYC tonight. There was "You both suck" chant.

Big Show and Batista locked up, and Show started to work on Batista's arm. Show lifted Batista off the mat with an armbar, bit Batista raked his eyes and started punching Big Show down against the ropes. Batista then kicked Show through the ropes and to the floor. The fans were booing as they went to break.

Back from the break, Show headbutted Batista, and the fans were chanting "Same Old S***". Batista came back with punches, but Show grabbed him by the throat. Batista elbowed out and hit some clotheslines, but Show came back with one of his own. The fans chanted "boring" and Show encouraged them. The fans chanted "Change the channel" and Show, for some reason, smelled his armpit and smiled. Show headbutted Batista into the corner, then chopped him down. Show slammed Batista then went to the second rope, but Batista got up and hit some right hands. Batista suplexed Show, who was sitting on the top rope.

Batista hit some shoulderblocks in the corner, then some forearms and clotheslines, then took him down with a spear for a two count. "Boring" chant again. Show grabbed a chokeslam for a two count. Show grabbed the title belt and went to hit Batista with it, but Batista ducked and gave him a slow motion spinebuster. Batista set up for the Batista Bomb, but Show blocked it, delivering a backdrop/reverse bulldog type move for a two count. Big Show then picked up the title belt and hit Batista with it, getting himself disqualified.

Winner via DQ: Batista.

Big Show hit Batista with the belt again, knocking him to the floor. Show stood in the ring, holding up the belt. Sabu, to a big pop, ran out and threw a chair at Big Show. Sabu then climbed to the top rope and jumped off, hitting an Arabian Facebuster to the back of Big Show, who was bent over in the ring from the first chair shot. Show went to the ring apron, and Sabu hit a top rope dropkick with a chair on Show, sending him off the apron and through the timekeeper's table. As Sabu left, he did the old Sabu & RVD pose.

Show was shown slowly sitting up amidst the table remains, an angry look on his face, as the show ended.