Edge retained the WWE title by defeating John Cena at this years SummerSlam. No titles changed hands at this years mega-event, as the Big Show defeated Sabu to retain the ECW title and Booker T retained the World title after losing to Batista by DQ.

DX defeated the McMahons in a match that saw interference from the Big Show, Spirit Squad, Ken Kennedy, Fit Finaly and William Regal. Also, Hulk Hogan defeated Randy Orton and Ric Flair defeated Mick Foley in the ‘I Quit’ Match. For detailed results, click here.

In quick results:

  • Chavo Guerrero defeated Rey Mysterio after Vickie Guerrero interfered, using the frog splash for the win.

  • Big Show defeated Sabu after chokeslamming him through a table.

  • Hulk Hogan defeated Randy Orton with the legdrop.

  • Ric Flair defeated Mick Foley in the ‘I Quit’ Match.

  • Batista defeated Booker T by DQ when Sharmell interfered.

  • DX defeated the McMahons after HHH pinned Vince with the pedigree.

  • Edge defeated John Cena to retain the WWE title after hitting Cena with brass knux.

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