Foley's Stitches, HBK Update, HHH/Hogan, & More is reporting that Mick Foley needed 25 stitches to close the multiple cuts on his body last night after his "I Quit" match with Ric Flair at SummerSlam. If you saw that match you'd know why. Both men were a bloody mess when it was over after multiple shots with barbed wire bats, barbed wire boards, thumbtacks, etc. At one point Foley took a leap off the ring apron backwards and landed mostly on his back and lower head on the concrete floor. is promising video of Foley receiving medical attention later today. No word on how Ric Flair is feeling as he also took a beating.

Shawn Michaels' arm condition seemed to be feeling much better late in the night last night. He was able to move his arm when walking around backstage and it appears the injury was a stinger and Michaels is expected to be on Raw tonight.

There was talk backstage amongst the workers about how much over selling was done by Triple H and how over booked DX's match was with the McMahons. The feeling was that if it had been anybody but DX and the McMahons, they would have been disciplined for it. But since it was the bosses, the boss's son in law and HBK, they were allowed to do so.