Jeff Jarrett taped a segment recently for Fox News Network regarding the recent Wake Forest study on pro wrestling. Fox News originally approached WWE, but given Vince’s history with the network and that everyone told him not to, he turned them down. It was said that Jarrett was heavily coached to expect everything and to give the sport an accurate defense before going on.

TNA has been attempting to get Hector Garza back into the company as Dixie Carter made the call to go strongly after the Latin market and wanted a top babyface to build around, to which everyone suggested Garza. Garza was, at first, negative to the idea, but became positive when he learned he could still work for CMLL in Mexico. However, when Terry Taylor checked out how to bring Garza back into the country after his deportation in 2005, he found out that Garza was deported for ten years and still has nine more years so it is simply not possible at this point.

There is heat backstage on Senshi (Low Ki) who apparently roughed up Jay Lethal in the Triple Threat match on Sunday’s PPV after Lethal missed a spot. Lethal was said to have been either completely knocked out or close to it. Despite this, Senshi’s slot in the company is safe as they have plans for him through Bound For Glory as champ.

TNA is currently doing vignettes to build up Austin Starr (Austin Aries) and his return on October 22nd.

ODB (Jessica Dalton) was backstage Monday looking for work at the TV taping. Currently, ODB is the “self-proclaimed” OVW Women’s Champion and has a storyline going with many stars in OVW, though she is not under a WWE Developmental Deal. Gail Kim and Traci Brooks are currently pushing for TNA to sign her now.

Credit: Wrestling Observer

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