RAW News, D-X, Vince/Shane, & More Notes

USA Network has issued a press release touting their success last week in the cable TV field. The press release says USA is continuing it's winning streak as #1 cable channel saying WWE Monday Night Raw, Monk, PSYCH, The 4400 and The Dead Zone all lead to their success.

As reported earlier, the 8/21 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw drew a final 4.1 cable rating with a 6.3 share. The first hour scored a 3.9 rating, while the second hour scored a 4.2 rating. The overrun featuring DX's last attack on Vince & Shane McMahon drew a strong 4.6 rating.

As also reported earlier, the 8/20 edition of WWE A.M. Raw drew a final 0.5 cable rating with a 2.2 share.

The 8/18 edition of WWE Friday Night Smackdown drew a final 2.1 broadcast rating with a 4 share.

NBC Universal announced yesterday that tennis coverage of the U.S. Open on September 4 (Monday) will be airing on CNBC at 9pm ET, leaving room for WWE Monday Night Raw to return to its normal network and timeslot when it will be preempted for two hours next week with a replay at 11pm ET on USA. As noted already, Raw will air live on Sci Fi next Monday night except for those on the West Coast.