Some ECW Talent Possibly On The Chopping Block

Matt Striker and Hardcore Holly, who both appeared on Monday's ECW house show and Tuesday's TV taping, are scheduled to be full time members of the ECW roster from now on. The WWE is doing this so that they can phase out, and possibly even release a few of the original ECW wrestlers that they see very little in.

The people in question of being removed from the roster are individuals who have been used sparingly on television thus far. The ECW talent currently on the bubble are Christopher W. Anderson, Francine, Tony Mamaluke, Jazz, Al Snow and Steven Richards. Although, both Al Snow and Stevie Richards will probably be offered office jobs.

As reported earlier, the person most likely to be released is Francine. Its really telling about Francine's ECW status in that they chose to import Torrie Wilson from RAW rather than use her on television for Tuesday night's bikini contest, especially considering that Francine is a regular on the bikini contests held at house shows.