**SPOILERS** 3 Weeks Worth Of TNA iMPACT! Tapings

*Before the taping started, they taped segments with Mike Tenay and Don West that will be interspersed during the Ultimate Fighter premier episode’s commercial breaks to hype that night’s TNA Impact.

Impact Thursday 8/17

*AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels brawled into the Impact Zone with LAX. Rhino, Brother Runt, Samoa Joe, Monty Brown, and Abyss all brawl around the building. NWA champion Jeff Jarrett comes to the ring wondering what’s going on. Jarrett came to the ring and they shot off confetti cannons to celebrate his win over Sting. The lights went off and when they returned, Sting was in the ring. Sting chased off Jarrett and said that he didn’t lose to Jarrett, he lost because of Christian Cage. He challenged Jarrett to a rematch at Bound for Glory and said he would do anything to get the match.

*In the back, NWA Tag Team champions AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels were interviewed, although the audio wasn’t clear.

*At the Spanish announce table, Konnan challenges Daniels and Styles to a rematch for the Tag Titles in a “Border Brawl” with no DQ and No Rules for the belts.

*Jeremy Borash was at Jeff Jarrett’s locker room door trying to get a response to Sting’s challenge. Eric Young comes out and says that Jarrett will give the answer later.

*Chris Sabin & Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt defeated Alex Shelley & Petey Williams & Johnny Devine. Earl Hebner attacked Slick Johnson during the match. No sign of Kevin Nash all night.

*In a Captain’s Match, Chase Stevens defeated Chris Harris, Kazarian, and BG James to earn a NWA Tag Team title shot in the future for the Naturals. There was a lot of dissension teased between America’s Most Wanted. After the match, they were pushing each other as Gail Kim tried to separate them. Storm finally walked off from Harris, leaving him in the ring.

*Samoa Joe defeated Ron Killings with the MuscleBuster.

*In the back, Jeff Jarrett told Jeremy Borash that he has conditions to face Sting, saying that he wants Sting to put his career on the line and wants Sting to deliver him a contract next week with that stipulation.

Impact Thursday 8/24

*LAX defeated Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles to become the new NWA Tag Team champions after Homicide hit an Ace Cutter on Daniels through a table for the pin in a “Border Brawl” match.

*Shane Douglas comes out and says that he hates to brag but he told everyone he would bring the Naturals to the top of the Tag Team division.

*Alex Shelley and Johnny Devine defeated The Naturals. Douglas returns to the ring and berates The Naturals.

*Christian Cage comes out and explains that he turned on Sting at Hard Justice because Sting lied to everyone about why he came back. He said Sting said he would be the champion but he isn’t. Cage was full heel. Rhino comes to the ring and says that he’s tired of listening to Cage talk and wants Cage to explain himself. Cage says that Rhino is good friends with Sting and he can see why because Sting was there for him all the time, like when Rhino broke his neck. He says that Sting visited him in the hospital and was there for him when he had problems with his wife, then corrects himself and reminds Rhino that he was the one actually there for him, not Sting. Cage hands Rhino a chair and turns him back on Rhino, asking him if he’ll allow 10 years of friendship to be ruined. Rhino says he doesn’t need a chair and starts brawling with Cage. Cage nails him with the chair and gives him the Conchairto.

*They announced a 10,000 Thumbtack match for next week on Impact with Abyss vs. Brother Runt. Jim Mitchell came to the announce table.

*Abyss pinned Cassidy Riley with the Black Hole Slam. He poured a bag of tacks into the ring, then punched them, impaling his fists with the tacks.

*Mike Tenay and Don West announced that Sting had signed the contract. Jeff Jarrett came out and said that he would execute the contract next week and also promised a “public execution next week” as well.

Impact Thursday 8/31

*NWA Tag Team champions LAX come to the ring. Konnan says that they dedicate their tag titles to the famous Latino wrestlers like Mil Mascaras, the Guerreros, Pedro Morales, and Tito Santana. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels appeared on the video screen. Daniels said that they made a mistake giving LAX the title match but now they have a rematch and LAX will have to play their game. They announce an Ultimate X match for the NWA Tag Team straps at No Surrender on 9/24.

*Chris Sabin & Jay Lethal defeated TNA X-Division champion Senshi and Petey Williams. Williams and Senshi collided in the ring, so Senshi stood there and watched as Sabin pinned Williams.

*Eric Young pinned Shark Boy. After the match, Earl Hebner tries to pull Slick Johnson out of the ring and is escorted out.

*In the 10,000 thumbtacks match, Abyss defeated Brother Runt. Abyss blocked an Acid Drop and slammed Runt on the tacks. After the match, Abyss teased pressing and slamming Runt out of the ring through tables covered in thumb tacks. Raven made the save and then put Abyss through the tables.

*Jeff Jarrett came out to execute the contract. There was a noose hanging from the rafters and a “firing squad” in the ring. Jarrett had a “fan” (plant) thrown out after he threw a bottle at Jarrett. Jarrett said that he was going to publicly execute Sting’s career. He said that the pen is mightier than the sword and signs the contract. A telephone at the announcing table rings and it’s Jim Cornette. Cornette announces that the match will happen at Bound for Glory and he’s tired of all the conspiracies, so next week, Jarrett will “be on trial.” He noted that Jarrett passed a lie detector test and if he passes this, he won’t have to wrestle until Bound for Glory. If Jarrett fails any part of the test, the fans will get their chance to get even with Jarrett.


*Sonjay Dutt defeated A-1.

*The Naturals defeated Matt Bentley & Kazarian.

*TNA X-Division champion Senshi defeated Shark Boy.

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