The Great Khali To Get Knee Surgery, Details Inside

At the very least, The Great Khali will be out of action for a few months. He's getting surgery on both of his knees and he will be out for an undetermined amount of time. Khali's "Last Man Standing Match" with the Undertaker on SmackDown was the temporary blow-off for him. At the moment, it is unknown if he will ever come back, although, signs seem to point to him returning eventually.

Also, During the "Last Man Standing Match", the Undertaker unintentionally busted Khali open hardway, thus causing him to bleed. What happened is that when Khali was resting on the ring steps placed inside the ring, Taker missed hitting him with a chairshot, which caused some fans to groan. To cover his error, Taker quickly hit him again with the chair, however, he hit him with too much force and thus it caused him to bleed. Afterwards, Khali was said to be angry backstage due to the stiff chairshot.

Seeing how The Great Khali will be out for a while, WWE was hoping that the D.C. crowd would cheer for him after he was left laying for a few minutes. The idea was that he had taken a beating from the Undertaker and that he deserved their respect. Well, the crowd didn't cheer for him, although, many of them did the "na-na-na" chant as he left the ring. Should Khali ever return, WWE may want to push him as a babyface.

The RAW taping in Charlottesville, VA drew 6,139 paying customers for $217,000. The 8/15 SmackDown/ECW taping in Washington DC drew 8,500 paying customers for $292,000.