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The show opens up with a recap of all of last weeks major segments, such as Monty Brown s promo, Rhino vs Samoa Joe and the aftermath of that match, and both the Christian Cage and Jeff Jarrett promos. After the video is done Jeremy Borash announces that Christian will be in Stings corner for his upcoming title match. This angers Jarrett and Steiner so they come out to confront Borash. Then out comes Slick Johnson who nearly gets attacked by Jarrett and Steiner who are both apparently on the hunt for Christian Cage..

The fireworks are now blasting off in the Impact Zone and it is time for our opening contest involving the LAX. Homicide, Hernandez, and Konan all make their way to the ring to their awesome new entrance video. Before they get to the ring though they decide to hijack the announce booth! Konan runs off Mike Tenay and Don West, while in the ring Homicide and Hernandez handle two wrestlers whose names I wasn t lucky enough to catch. Konan goes on a tirade about LAX not getting respect at the booth while his team mates easily defeat their opposition.

After the match AJ Styles (in a neck brace) and Christopher Daniels appear on the big screen. AJ Styles says the next time he sees Homicide he s going to put him in the hospital. Christopher Daniels then challenges Homicide to a match and says that the match will not end in a 1 2 3 but rather a 187 . He then cements the challenge by calling Homicide a b—h . Konan says that guys like Daniels can t call LAX members a b—h, just the other way around.

Now Samoa Joe is in the back directing a promo towards Monty Brown. He says Monty is just jealous of him because he is everything that Monty wants to be. He mentions Brown s failed Football career, and says where Monty was supposed to be great, he (Joe) just flat out was great. Christy Hemme (Who really needs to cut back on the amount of tanning she does) now makes her first appearance of the night, which of course is the cue for commercials.

Back from the break and Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner are in Jay Lethal s locker room looking for Christian Cage (by beating the piss out of Lethal). Next there is another Bobby Roode promotional video played, in which various TNA wrestlers, managers and assorted people bombard us with compliments in his direction.

Shane Douglas now stands in the ring with mic in hand, he says that in every great sports franchise, there has always been one roadblock, and for his team the Naturals that road block has always been America s Most Wanted. With that AMW comes out with Gail Kim for one more match with their long time rivals. Before the match a video of Gail Kim s challenge to Zerelda is played. The bell now rings and the match is officially under way. We start out with all four men in the ring and the Naturals take command over AMW and then connect with numerous double team maneuvers.

The match now settles into a normal tag match and AMW regains control momentarily. After several blunderous miscues by AMW though, the Naturals are able to get a rollup win over the former tag team champions. Before they are able to celebrate though, they are attacked from behind by Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner. Steiner and Jarrett throw them into the ring with AMW where the four of them quadruple team the Naturals as we cut to commercial.

Back from commercial and Jarrett and Steiner are still in the ring. Larry Zybsko (and his wig) now comes out and says that he has just gotten off the phone with Jim Cornette. He says he has some orders for all of them, and that if they do not comply, they will be fired just like Earl Hebner! The first order is for Scott Steiner and it says that he must face Cornette in an emergency meeting later tonight. The next one decrees that Jeff Jarrett must leave the building immediately. We now get a Sting promo. He says that he has no problems with Jim Cornette. He then talks about having Christian Cage in his corner at the PPV to help watch his back. Sting then agrees with Jeff Jarrett s comments from last week that if he does not beat Jeff Jarrett his run in TNA will be considered a failure. After this Christy Hemme tells us about the upcoming emergency meeting and an X Division match. Commercial break ensues.

We come back from commercials to see Senshi hyping up the upcoming match to decide who the next X Division contender will be. He points out each man s strengths and weaknesses and then challenges them to take, what s his. Up next is a five way match for the aforementioned X Division title shot. The match involves, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams, Kazzarian, and Alex Shelley. Shelley jumps Jay Lethal and then everyone else jumps in and we the match has officially begun. Everyone begins brawling in the same spot on the outside which sets up Sonjay Dutt to perform a flipping dive onto all of his opponents. Of course as you know, diving planchas, are yet another TNA signal, that it is time for a commercial interruption.

We rejoin the match just in time to see Petey Williams standing on top of an upside down Sonjay Dutt s crotch. He is quickly kicked off by Petey Williams. Alex Shelley now tags in and takes the fight to the Playa from the Himilaya s. Kazzarian now takes over for Shelley and dishes out some offense to Dutt. Dutt counters and then tags in Petey Williams. Now all five men are in the ring. We have an interesting four way Russian leg sweep that is exclimated by a Petey Williams dropkick. Lots of insanely quick action goes down, including a sick backwards powerbomb by Alex Shelley to Jay Lethal. Lethal fights off Shelley, but is then caught in the Canadian Destroyer, which allows Petey Williams to win his second multi-person match up in two weeks.

Now out in the parking lot Jeremy Borash is awaiting the arrival of Jim Cornette. Cornette arrives and asks Borash if Jarrett is gone. Now Eric Young appears and Cornette says he will meet with him next week. Christian Cage now gets out of the car and talks briefly to Eric Young, saying that he will try and work something out for him. Christy Hemme returns to the screen in the most scandalously delicious top I have ever seen. Viva la commercials.

It is now time for the mandatory emergency meeting. All of TNA s talent is gathered at ringside, as Cornette addresses them from the ring. Cornette says he hasn t been on TV because he doesn t want TNA to be like other promotions that allow their general manager to overshadow the wrestlers. Cornette announces some matches for Victory Road, including Brother Runt vs Abyss, and a three way between Monty Brown, Samoa Joe and Rhino. Cornette now asks the Paparazzi where Kevin Nash is. He announces a match for next week involving Kevin Nash and The Paparazzi and several X Division stars. Cornette now dismisses everyone besides Christian Cage and Scott Steiner. Cornette announces Steiner vs Christian for next week on free TV. The winner of said match will be able to be in the corner of their prot?g? at Hard Justice. Steiner now grabs the microphone and runs down, Canada, Christian, and several other unintelligible things. Christian now retorts by calling Steiner Sir Lance-a lot& and says he will hand the Genetic Freak his ass next week, because that is how he rolls. As he s walking back Christian gets attacked by Jeff Jarrett (dressed as a fan in a Sting mask) and is pummeled as the show comes to a close.

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