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The ring was set up for a celebration of sorts. Complete with a table of champagne with several glasses, balloons and air cannons to fire off confetti (doubt there will be any fireworks.) But before the party kicked officially kicked off NWA World Tag Team champion Phenomenal AJ Styles and Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels brawled to ringside area with LAX. Hotstuff Hernandez and Styles fought in the crowd while Homicide busted Daniels forehead open after driving it into the announce table. Konnan asked Daniels how did he like tasting his own blood. After the foursome fought in the ring some more, Konnan seemed to end it when he busted a champagne bottle over Styles head. This led to Monty Brown, Rhino, Brother Runt, Abyss and Samoa Joe joining the fight. Jeff Jarrett came out clearly upset his celebration was ruined. The lights went out and when they came on Sting with the trusty baseball bat laid out all the heels minus Jarrett. Sting said the fans were behind him and said Christian Cage beat him for the championship not Jarrett. Sting said at Bound For Glory he wanted a rematch, not at No Surrender. Maybe he has something in mind for No Surrender.

Before the opening match it took several and I do mean several minutes to clean up the carnage left by the brawling. They filmed something with Konnan and Moody Jack Melendez about why they attacked the champions. Konnan said they would fight them in a Border Brawl or something like that.

Jeremy Borash waited outside Jeff Jarrett s locker room when Eric Young came out looking as confused as he normally is. Borash tried to get information from Young as to whether Jarrett accepted Sting s challenge or declined it.

(1) Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal and the Future Chris Sabin defeated Alex Shelley and Hotshot Johnny Devine of Paparazzi Productions and Petey Williams.
Shelley and Devine were still wearing the KEV armbands for their homeboy Kevin Nash. As soon as the bell sounded they were attacked in the ring and above it by their opponents. After Dutt, Sabin and Lethal hit topes to the floor, Earl Hebner came out of nowhere and attacked Slick Johnson with a belt. TNA security tried to get him out but he whipped them too. Andrew Thomas came out to replace Slick who ran for higher ground. As this went on Lethal was worked over by his opponents for several moments. Dutt tagged in and things really got fast paced. Sabin and Lethal rowed Williams and Devine s legs like boat oars. Sabin got hit in the corner by Williams and Shelley but he avoided Devine s splash. Lethal and Dutt leg lariats cleared the ring and the trio ran corner shots on Devine who was pinned after Sabin hit a slingshot legdrop move.

Mike Tenay and Don West spoke to the home crowd.

(2) In a four way singles match, Chase Stevens of the Naturals defeated Frankie the Future Kazarian, BG James of the James Gang and America s Most Wanted s Wildcat Chris Harris (w/Gail Kim.) By winning this match the Naturals were named the number one contenders to the NWA World Tag Team championship.
Kazarian and Stevens began the match with Stevens on the offensive until Kazarian hit a tornado DDT for two. BG became involved as Harris hit Kazarian with a spinebuster. If that foursome fighting all over wasn t crazy enough, Tennessee Cowboy James Storm got involved as he went to aid Harris but nearly decked him with his beer bottle. As Harris and Storm argued, Stevens picked up Harris handcuffs and decked Harris. After the bell Storm and Harris got very close to fighting, at one point Storm gave Harris a two middle finger salute and used some colorful language. Kim did her best to defuse the situation but we might have seen the implosion of AMW.

(3) Samoa Joe defeated Ron the Truth Killings.
The former two time NWA World champion began the match with punches to Joe s face but got decked by Joe. Joe got hit with a running boot that sent him to the floor, so Killings hit a spinning flip thing onto him. Joe broke up Killings talking to the fans with a punch to the jaw and tossed Killings back in the ring. But killings backed Joe into a corner for ten punches but the What s Up chanting by Killings led to Joe hitting a standing STO. Joe hit Killings with several moves that led to the facewash and the Ole Kick in the corner. Joe took Killings to the mat with what looked like a chinlock but Killings fought to his feet but his attack was stopped by a powerslam for two. Joe went for a cross armbreaker but Killings got his foot on the rope. Killings missed the scissor kick but didn t miss a suplex into a sitout facebuster move for two. Killings went up top but Joe stopped him and he hit Killings with the dreaded Muscle Buster to remain undefeated. But it appears during the match Joe sustained some damage to his ear drum as a result of a Killings shot. I am not 100% sure about this but its what I was told by some people.

Jeremy Borash spoke to Jeff Jarrett about Sting s challenge from earlier this evening. Jarrett said he had a challenge for the October PPV, Sting s career against the NWA World title belt. Jarrett said he wanted an answer by the end of the next Impact.

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