TNA News: iMPACT!, Sting Update, Big Star Returning, More

The 8/19 Saturday night replay of TNA iMPACT! drew a final 0.6 cable rating.

TNA finished editing on the upcoming "Sting: Return Of An Icon" DVD that will be released this October. According to reports, the feeling within TNA is that this is the best DVD the company has produced to date.

TNA Radio Podcasts have returned to TNA's website this week. Hosted by Jeremy Borash, TNA will provide weekly online audio updates every Thursday morning previewing iMPACT! and upcoming news regarding the company. This week's audio update features Borash talking about iMPACT! tonight, a TNA star returning at the No Surrender PPV next month, Austin Starr (aka Austin Aries) and when he will return to TNA, MTV's Jackass teaming up with TNA, Traci heading to Iraq and more.

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