A new member is expected be added to the Latin American Exchange. Puerto Rican wrestler Ricky Banderas is expected to join LAX. Banderas was the original choice for the group, not Hernandez. However, due to politics in Puerto Rico involving Dutch Mantel (who was aligned in a war with WWC), and Banderas being under contract to IWA, that kept him from joining the group a few months ago.

Problems between TNA management and Senshi seemed to have soothed over in the past two weeks. He hasn’t signed a new contract with TNA, but he seems receptive to it. Should Senshi sign a new contract with TNA, that would leave Monty Brown as the only major star whose contract is coming up shortly.

There has been some talk amongst wrestlers that TNA might begin house show touring during the week of the Bound For Glory PPV in October.

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