TNA Suing Patterson, Hebner vs. Slick Johnson, Christian Issues

Mike Johnson reports that TNA is suing Albert Patterson. Patterson who previously won a lawsuit over Andrew McManus the owner of the now defunct World Wrestling All-Stars sued TNA last year claiming he had the term "superstars" copyrighted. TNA settled with Patterson out of court and then later discovered that Patterson had abandoned the "superstars" trademark so his trademark became null and void. TNA is now suing Patterson asking that he return the money they gave him when they settled out of court.


There is talk of doing a Mark "Slick" Johnson vs. Earl Hebner match on one of the upcoming PPV events.

As previously mentioned before the WWE has filed papers opposing Christian Cage's trademark of "Captain Charisma". WWE is claiming that Christian's attempts to trademark it will cause "confusion in the marketplace" and that WWE will suffer damages if he is allowed to keep the trademark. It also interesting to note that since the papers have been filed, TNA is no longer selling Christian's "Got Charisma ?" t-shirt.

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