Very Big RAW Backstage News, Bad News For Tonight's ECW, More


The fake Hulk Hogan during the "Orton Knows Best" segment on WWE RAW last night was played by Richard Doo. Doo has done work doing Hogan impersonations in the past, as you could obviously tell from watching the skit.

Internally, a couple of conclusions could be drawn from last night's RAW, according to several first-hand accounts from people who attended the show. John Cena was being heavily boo'd early, but while that happened another interesting twist was that a lot of people left the arena after his match, clearly proving the demo he draws is there because of him. While the belief is D-X is what's drawing right now, you could definitely tell last night that Cena is what's filling up buildings, whether fans are coming to cheer him or boo him mercilessly. People are leaving last night before Triple H was taken out, and during Michaels' match – which was pushed all week leading into the TV.

There was some small problems during the West Coast feed for RAW last night. For some reason they cut to the finish of last week's show. At about 9:06pm PT, the problem was fixed and they joined back during the McMahon's and D-X in the ring together.

Despite holding a full audience of 2,500, the Hammerstein Ballroom is not sold out for tonight's ECW on Sci-Fi live television show. That is not a good sign.