What Happened After ECW Went Off The Air & More

Credit: PWInsider.com

After ECW on Sci Fi went off the air, The Big Show and Batista were standing on opposite sides of the ring on the floor pointed at each other; the pair was teasing the fans in getting back in the ring while the fans booed. Big Show and Batista then went into the ring, looked at each other and smiled. They shock hands with each other and hugged while the ECW fans were throwing trash into the ring. Big Show and Batista started to walk around ringside and gave high fives to a few fans while the other fans were throwing garbage at them.

WWE SmackDown s Fit Finlay and Simon Dean were backstage at ECW.

The Diva Search girl who was eliminated on RAW, Rebecca was sitting in one of the balconies.

There was a mixed crowed at the ECW show, some were old-school ECW fans and other were WWE fans.