What You Didn't See On WWE Monday Night RAW

Credit: PWInsider.com

Nick from WrestlingJunkie.com and Billy Krotchsen sent the following live notes from the Monday Night Raw taping in Bridgeport, CT:

The crowd is 95% full with one section closed off for the hard cameras. There's pretty heavy security and they won't even allow water bottles inside the arena. They aired a Wrestlemania 22 music video.

WWE Dark Match:

– Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch defeated two local wrestlers with a "Total Elimination" style move.

WWE Heat:

– Shelton Benjamin pinned Rob Conway.

– Gene Snitsky beat a local wrestler. The finish was described as "not making sense at all...he beat him with a scoopslam."

– Viscera pinned Val Venis with a big splash.