WWE Backstage News, Spoilers Going Into Summerslam

Mick Foley has creative control for his match with Ric Flair. That might produce an unintuitive outcome, however, as both Foley and Flair have expressed a desire to lose the match.

Big Show will likely retain his title in a short match. There was a rumor of Kurt Angle getting involved in the bout, but no new details have emerged.

WWE is not planning to end the DeGeneration X angle at Summerslam.

Prior to suffering his knee injury, Hulk Hogan, due to his creative control, was to go over Randy Orton. Although there's been absolutely no confirmation that the planned outcome was changed, some believe Hogan might instead opt to lose by putting over the injury as too hard to overcome.

The plan has long been to give Cena the belt back in front of his hometown crowd. But, even if that idea is nixed, note that by the end of his program with Edge (which will go through Unforgiven), he will be WWE Champion again.

Credit: LordsOfPain.Net