WWE Bashed, Haas/Gayda, Batista, New WWE Talent, & More

The Wake Forest University School of Medicine released results of a study this week in which they explain that adolescents who watch wrestling on television are more prone to violent behaviors than other young people. Over a seven month period, using a random sample of 2,228 North Carolina High School students, it was determined that, "adolescents who watched televised wrestling fought more with dating partners and exhibited other violent behaviors. Young people who watch wrestling are also exposed to a high frequency of violence between men and women, alcohol use and derogatory terms for women." When asked for comment, WWE Spokesperson Gary Davis commented, "From a real-life perspective, we know the brand can have a lot of positive impacts on society...There are lot of good studies out there, but unfortunately, I think this study has a lot of flaws."

Charlie Haas and Jackie Gayda, who are expecting their first child, were covered by the Celebrity Baby Blog over the weekend.

Big Dave Batista will have an autograph session this Friday in Whitestone, Queens New York at the Ultimate Comics and Cards store, which is located at 12-60 150th Street starting at 7 PM. For more information on the signing, you cal call (718) 746-0010.

Independent wrestler Nick Berk is starting to get bookings under his "lounge lizard" comedy persona Nicky Benz. He recently did some test promos for WWE as the Benz persona and is hoping to generate some interest for more bookings. Berk has been working a lot of WWE enhancement bookings of late.