ECW’s future is hardly in jeopardy it’s considered inevitable that a deal will be reached to keep the show on Sci-Fi but there are some present hurdles to negotiations, reports the Wrestling-Observer Newsletter.

The biggest sticking point right now is Vince McMahon’s request for a significant bump in rights fees. WWE first agreed to air ECW for a small fee in order to get TV time for establishment purposes, but now that it’s a proven ratings draw, it feels it should get much more money.

NBC, however, told WWE that Sci-Fi’s budget does not allow for much of a rights fee increase.

Another disagreement concerns NBC’s request for mobile phone rights to the product WWE isn’t interested in giving up those rights.

A final concern is over repeat airings. Both sides agree that the show should be replayed on the network, but only WWE believes it should receive more money for those airings.

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