WWE RAW Results - August 21, 2006

Credit: PowerWrestling.com

RAW Results – 8/21/06
Bridgeport, Connecticut
Report By: Richard Trinofo of PWInsider.com
WWE RAW Opener:

We start off tonight s show with footage from last night s SummerSlam pay per view with emphasis on the Raw related matches. We see Edge hit John Cena with brass knuckles to retain the WWE Title.

In the arena:

Edge comes to the ring and he is going to address the fans. Edge says that he has waited for this night, his entire life. Everyone bought tickets thinking that Edge would not be the WWE champion. They were wrong. People in the cheap seats were wrong. Grown men were wrong. Little kids were wrong. Edge leaves the ring and asks a child at ringside if he thought John Cena would be the champion. Edge tells everyone that they were wrong. Despite the odds against him and in John Cena s home town, he emerged victorious. He is still the WWE Champion. Edge wonders where his belt might be if he is the champion. What about his girlfriend, the hottest women s champion of all time, Lita? Lita is outside the arena and she is at the Bridgeport Harbor. She has the WWE Title belt with her. Edge says the title is more like John Cena s title. Since Edge has erased John Cena from his life forever, he feels that he should get rid of the last remnant of John Cena from his life. He suggests a burial at sea. Edge asks Lita to do the honors. Lita tosses the belt into the harbor. Edge says that ends the era of John Cena. Edge welcomes the new era. An era that is rated R . Smoke covers Edge in the ring and a new belt is lowered. Edge says the belt is gorgeous. That ends the story of Edge and John Cena with a happy ending, for him. Now that John Cena is gone from his life, if there are any other challengers who want to be the next chapter for the Rated R Champion, they can step up. Edge is interrupted by Jeff Hardy who comes out to the ring as only Jeff Hardy can. Edge is in shock in the center of the ring. Jeff gets in Edge s face and he says that Edge talks too much. Edge wants to know what the hell Jeff Hardy is doing here. He wonders if Jeff Hardy died three years ago. He says that Jeff Hardy is not going to make his comeback at Edge s expense. He says that Hardy is wrong. He tells Jeff to learn a lesson from his older brother. He ruined Matt s career. He tells Jeff that Matt is a no talent loser, just like him. Jeff punches Edge and hits a mule kick. Hardy goes up top but Edge rolls out of the ring.

Eight Man Tag Team Match
Referee: Chad Patton
The Spirit Squad vs. The Highlanders, Eugene and Hacksaw Jim Duggan
The Spirit Squad are in the ring as they await their opponents in an eight man tag match. We see highlights from last week s tag match between the Spirit Squad and the team of Eugene and Jim Duggan with Eugene and Duggan getting the victory over.

The start:

The Spirit Squad attack the Highlanders and Eugene as they enter the ring. Johnny works on Eugene s arm but Eugene reverses the wrist lock. Johnny with a kick to Eugene and he sends him into the corner. Johnny with an Irish whip but Eugene kicks him and he puts Johnny in an airplane spin. Eugene tags in Robbie and they send Johnny into Rory. Robbie with a drop kick for a two count.

Mid-match notes:

Robbie gets hit in the back as he comes off the ropes and Johnny hits a jumping spin kick for a two count. Kenny tags in and they hit a double suplex on Robbie for a two count. Kenny with a jumping back elbow to Robbie for a two count. Kenny flips Mikey onto Robbie for a two count. Mikey with crossfaces to Robbie and then he slams Robbie to the mat and gets a two count. Mikey with a knee to Robbie followed by a punch and Robbie tries to fight out of the Spirit Squad s corner. Mikey tosses Nicky into the air for a flying punch on Robbie in the corner. Nicky works on Robbie s arm as they continue to keep Robbie isolated. Kenny tags back in and he kicks Robbie in the abdomen followed by a punch. Kenny with a kick to Robbie s head. Kenny with a swinging neck breaker and then he knocks Rory off the apron.

The Finish:

Kenny goes up top and he kicks Duggan away when he gets too close. Kenny misses the leg drop from the top when Robbie moves out of the way. Nicky tries to keep Robbie from making the tag, but Rory tags in and he takes care of the Spirit Squad. Rory hits a back breaker but the cover is broken up. All eight men battle. Robbie trips Kenny and that allows Rory and Robbie to hit an inverted slingshot suplex for the three count.

Winners – The Highlanders, Eugene and Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Edge is walking in the back and he is looking for Vince McMahon. He enters the McOffice and Coach is working out on a Bowflex Extreme machine after watching the McMahon DVD. Edge tells Coach that he does not care. He says that he will not let Jeff Hardy get the best of him. He wants Hardy tonight. Coach wants to know if Edge wants to defend the title, but Edge says that he does not want to put the title on the line. Coach gives Edge the match. Vince McMahon and his son Shane enter the Office and they are looking for DX. Vince tells Coach to get out of his office. Vince says that he cannot believe that he has been there all day. They did not lose because the legal man was not pinned. Shane says the result should be expunged. Vince says that he is feeling gnarly tonight and things are not over yet.

ECW on Sci-Fi:

We go to commercial and we are told that Big Show will defend the ECW title against Sabu in a SummerSlam rematch.


Todd Grisham is in the interview area with Randy Orton. Todd says that Randy guaranteed a victory but that did not happen. Orton says he won even if Hogan had his foot on the ropes. It makes no difference because Hogan probably had the referee in his back pocket. Orton says that he is going to get out all of his pent up aggression to beat Ric Flair who Orton says is a bigger legend than Hogan. Todd reminds Randy about Flair losing a lot of blood in the I Quit match last night against Mick Foley. Orton says that it does not matter because Flair is a legend and he is a legend killer. He wonders what the person on the side of the interview area is looking at, and we see that it is Carlito. Carlito tells Todd to leave. Carlito says that Orton might have gotten screwed, but who cares. Watching Hogan getting his hand raised after winning was cool. Orton tells Carlito that at least he was on SummerSlam. He calls Carlito an apple, a silly shirt, and a catchphrase, and stupid hair cut. Orton reminds Carlito that he is a former champion and a legend killer. He tells Carlito to show him some more respect.

D-Generation X:

Triple H is reading a magazine and he says that people might wonder where he is and he will tell us. He reminds us about last night at SummerSlam and overcoming Vince and his son Shane s master plan. He talks about the use of cheerleaders, a leprechaun, a limey, a chubby giant, and a cannibal. After overcoming all of that and defeating Vince McMahon at SummerSlam, they were on the way to Bridgeport , but they noticed Vince McMahon s private plane flying overhead. We see Shawn with a model of the WWE plane and Shawn freaks out as it crashes . Hunter says that they went to a private air terminal to take a look at Vince s private plane. Unfortunately, there was an incident that happened, so we need to look at what happened. We see Shawn and Hunter leave the airplane while drinking some champagne. Hunter tells Shawn that he scratched the paint and he asks Shawn if he knows how much a paint job costs. Hunter tells Shawn that Vince is going to be mad. Shawn says that he knows they will be mad. Shawn wonders if Vince will notice the scratch, and Hunter does not think Vince will notice. We see a giant green DX on the side of the plane. Hunter says the plane is nice and it looks better now. Shawn says that Hunter really did a nice job. We see another DX over the logo on the tail of the plane.


Vince is in the Office and he looks like a vein is going to burst. Vince knocks over the television and we go to commercial.

Referee: Marty Rubalcaba
Trish Stratus vs. Victoria
The start:

Victoria with a forearm to Trish but Trish responds with forearms of her own. Trish with an Irish whip and a splash into the corner and a drop kick that sends Victoria to the floor. Trish with a Lou Thesz Press from the apron followed by punches. Trish runs Victoria s back into the ring post before Victoria is rolled back into the ring. Trish with a clothesline for a two count. Trish with a rollup for another two count.

Mid-match notes:

Trish with a kick and she sets for Stratusfaction but Victoria counters with a back breaker for a two count. Victoria hits Trish in the back of the head while Trish is in the ropes. Victoria continues the attack by slamming Trish s face into the mat. Victoria tries for a back breaker, but Trish counters with a head scissors.

The Finish:

Trish with a clothesline for a two count. Victoria with a kick to Trish s head and she goes up to the second turnbuckle. Trish goes up and punches Victoria followed by a rana from the turnbuckles. Trish with forearms to Victoria. Victoria with a kick and she gets Trish up for the Widow s Peak but Trish blocks it and she hits Stratusfaction for the three count.

Winner – Trish Stratus
The Aftermath:

There is NO CHANCE and Vince McMahon and his son Shane McMahon come to the ring. Shane wants the mic and he gives it to Vince. Vince wonders if the fans enjoyed what DX did to his plane and it appears that they enjoyed DX s actions. Vince says that is a thirty million dollar aircraft. He says the fans encourage that type of degeneracy. Vince says that DX sucks because they are going to have their fun. Vince called the cops and he says that the airport is right up the street. We are going to watch DX getting arrested. We go to commercial.

Back on RAW:

We are back and Vince McMahon and his son Shane are still in the ring. Vince says that they have waited long enough. Vince says the cameras are at the Bridgeport Airport . We see Shawn and Hunter looking at the flag on the top of the WWE Headquarters. Hunter says that it is weird that they are here while Vince is there . Hunter tells Vince that they are at the WWE Headquarters. Hunter says that they have differences, but Vince has accomplished a lot. He has his own jet and cars. He has a giant corporation. Shawn talks about Christopher Columbus made his mark. Hunter says that when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, he planted the flag and made his mark. Shawn says that when the French guy climbed Mount Everest , he probably left his mark. Hunter says that when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor they left their mark. Vince says that Hunter and Shawn were supposed to be at the airport. Hunter and Shawn says that they are going to leave their mark. They are going to do it large. We see a giant DX on the WWE Headquarters and Hunter and Shawn have mooned the cameras. Vince is speechless and looks like he is going to collapse, but his son Shane holds him up in the ring. Vince and his son Shane leave the ring while the crowd serenades Vince and his son Shane. We go to commercial.

This Week in Wrestling History:

We are back with a WWE 24/7 This Week in WWE History Moment. We see the debut of Smackdown in 1999 featuring the Rock, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker and Big Show with Paul Bearer defeating the Acolytes and X Pac and Kane. We also saw Stephanie McMahon accept Test s proposal. That show also featured Shane McMahon over Mick Foley and Triple H defeating The Rock with Shawn Michaels as referee.


Vince McMahon and his son Shane walking in the back in disbelief. Mick Foley walks by and Vince wants to know why Mick called him Vince . Vince points out that last week Mick said that Vince could kiss his ass. Mick points out that he is not having a good night either. Vince tells Mick that he does not like him and he tells Mick that his night is going to get a hell of a lot better. Vince says that since DX is not here, it is time for Mick to join a very special club. Vince tells Mick he can kiss his ass. Mick says that his arm is torn to shreds and he has twenty-five stitches in his chest, and Vince is giving him a big smile on his face by giving him the most ridiculous offer. Shane tells Mick to calm down. Vince tells Mick if he does not kiss his ass, somebody is getting fired. Vince walks away and Shane tells Mick to pucker up . Jim Ross says that from personal experience, this might be the worst night of Mick s life.

Non Title Match
Referee: Michael Chioda
Jeff Hardy vs. Edge (c)
The start:

Hardy with a baseball slide before Edge gets into the ring followed by a plancha and punches. Hardy chases Lita away and then Hardy rolls Edge into the ring for a two count. Hardy kicks Edge but Edge throws Hardy under the bottom rope to the floor. Hardy hits the ringside barrier and Edge goes out after him. Edge Irish whips Hardy into the ring steps and then Hardy is rolled back into the ring.

Mid-match notes:

Edge with a kick to Jeff followed by a punch in the corner. Edge with an elbow drop to Hardy s back and then he stretches Hardy against the ring post. Edge mocks Jeff s pose before continuing the attack. Edge with an Irish whip but he charges into a boot followed by a clothesline. Hardy goes up top but Edge moves out of the way. Hardy with a DDT for a two count. Hardy tries for the Twist of Fate, but Edge counters with an inverted DDT for a two count. Edge slams Hardy s head into the turnbuckle followed by an Irish whip but Hardy climbs the turnbuckles for a corkscrew senton splash and a two count.

The Finish:

Hardy punches Edge but Edge responds with punches of his own. Hardy with a flying clothesline and a kick to Edge s head for a two count. Edge backs into the corner and Hardy punches Edge. The referee separates Hardy from Edge. Hardy with a Twist of Fate and then he goes up top and he hits a Swanton but Lita pulls Edge to the apron and out of the ring on a two count. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner by disqualification, Jeff Hardy
The Aftermath:

After the match, John Cena comes out and he attacks Edge and tries to slam Edge through the wall. They fight to the back and people try to break it up. Edge sends Cena into a metal door and then Edge leaves the ring. Cena chases after Edge outside and we go to commercial.

Back on RAW:

We are interrupted by John Cena and Edge fighting outside the arena. Cena gets Edge up for an FU, but Edge escapes the hold. Cena sends Edge into a post and then slams Edge s head into a bulletin board. Edge is sent into a tree. They fight onto the docks and Cena chokes Edge with a hose. Some agents try to pull Cena off. Edge hits Cena with a life preserver but Cena comes from behind and hits Edge again. Cena tells the agents to stay back while Edge hangs above the harbor. Cena tosses Edge into the harbor and Cena tells Edge that he ain t going nowhere .

Slam of the Week: Kane defeating Shelton Benjamin two weeks ago to become the Number One Contender for the Intercontinental Title. Mick is in the back and Melina stops by to thank him for yesterday. Mick says that he did not know what Ric Flair was going to do with that psycho look in his eye. Melina wants to know what Mick is going to do. Mick says that he does not know what it will be like to look at himself in the mirror if he joins the Kiss My Ass Club. Melina tells Mick that he is her mentor and she will support whatever decision he makes. She goes for her match, but first she kisses Mick.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match
Kane vs. Johnny Nitro (c)
The Match:

Nitro avoids Kane at first but they lock up and Kane with a shoulder tackle. Nitro backs into the corner and then he avoids Kane. Kane flips Nitro over but Kane kicks Nitro. Nitro avoids the side slam and he moves when Kane charges into the corner. Kane pushes Nitro off the turnbuckle and then he drops Kane s arm on the top rope. Nitro tries for a springboard drop kick but Kane swats him away. Kane pulls Nitro out of the corner and Nitro lands on his chest. Kane goes up top and he hits his clotheslines. From out of nowhere, Umaga comes out and he attacks Kane. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner by disqualification, Kane
The Aftermath:

After the match, Umaga hits the Flatliner on Kane. Umaga with the Samoan Spike to Kane. Kane sits up and Umaga kicks Kane in the chest and hits two diving head butts to Kane s chest. Umaga goes up to the second turnbuckle and he hits the Samoan Spike on Kane. Kane is bleeding from the mouth as Umaga stands over Kane.

WWE Diva Search Finals Recap:

WWE RAW returned from the commercial break to recap the finals of the WWE Diva Search Finals where Layla El became the newest WWE "Deever"...yay...

JR & King at Ringside:

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler talk about the Kiss My Ass Club and Jim Ross says that he is reminded of it every day. If he kisses Vince s ass, it will be the most humiliating moment of Mick s career.

We see the trailer for The Marine starring John Cena and Kelly Carlson.

Enter Randy Orton:

We go to commercial after Randy Orton comes to the ring.

WWE RAW on Sci-Fi Next Week:

We are back and we are reminded that other than the West Coast, Raw will air live on the SciFi Network next week.

Referee: Michael Chioda
Randy Orton vs. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair
The start:

Orton tries to take advantage of Flair, but Flair is too much of a veteran to fall for that. Flair with chops and punches. Orton with a suplex to Flair and Flair grimaces in pain and Orton wants Flair to get up.

Mid-Match Notes:

Orton clotheslines Flair against the ropes and he does it a second time to send Flair over the top rope to the floor. Orton with a standing drop kick that knocks Flair off the apron to the floor. Orton goes outside and he punches Flair and then he hits a suplex on the floor.

Orton returns to the ring to break up the count and then he goes back outside. Orton punches Flair and then he punches Flair in the head before they return to the ring. Orton kicks Flair and then he stomps on Flair s chest. Orton pushes Flair out of the ring and Orton goes out after him.

Orton Irish whips Flair into the ring steps and Flair is bleeding from the head one more time. Orton rolls Flair back into the ring and stomps on Flair and he does his version of the Garvin Stomp.

The Finish:

Flair gets to his feet and he chops Orton. Orton punches while Flair chops back. Orton kicks Flair in the arm and then he punches Flair. Flair chops Orton but Orton with a rake of the eyes and an RKO for the three count.

Winner – Randy Orton
The Aftermath:
After the match, Orton kicks Flair and he chokes Flair. Orton pushes the referee and he continues the attack on Flair. The referee calls for the bell and he reverses the decision.

Winner – "Nature Boy" Ric Flair by reverse decision
The Assault Continues...

Orton chases the referee out of the ring and Orton waits for Flair to get up for the RKO, but Carlito comes out and he hits an elbow drop on Orton and then he punches Orton. Carlito with a springboard back elbow that sends Orton out of the ring.

Kiss My Ass Club:

We are reminded of the Kiss My Ass Club and how the McMahon DVD will be released tomorrow. We see footage of William Regal joining the club. Will Mick Foley join the club tonight?

Will Mick Foley Join the Club or be Fired?

We are back and Vince McMahon is in the ring with his son Shane. Mick Foley comes to the ring with Melina. Vince tells Mick where his ass is. Vince says that Mick is the first candidate to bring a date to the Kiss My Ass Club. Mick tells Vince to shut his mouth because he is not going to do it. Mick says that he loves his job and the WWE, but he does not need it. Mick reminds Vince that he has saved a fortune on his apparel. He hasn t paid for a haircut in ten years. He drives a used minivan. If Vince thinks he can threaten to fire him. . . Vince cuts Mick off and tells Mick that he did not say that he would fire him. He said that if Mick did not kiss Vince s ass, someone will get fired. Vince says that he will not fire Mick, he will fire Mick s friend Melina. Vince wants to know what Mick is going to do. Mick tells Vince that nobody is worth kissing Vince s ass for, except Melina. Vince tells Mick to get busy. Vince tells his son Shane to take his jacket. Melina tells Mick not to do it. Mick tells Melina that he did things he never thought he would do. He says that she can be one of the biggest superstars. He says that there is something uniquely special about Melina. What Mick is going to do represents the lowest point of his career, but it is worth it for her friendship. Mick says that he will kiss Vince s ass and then they are going to go to the store to buy a big bottle of mouthwash and a bigger bottle of hard alcohol to forget that this night happened.

Mick tells Vince to take down his pants and he calls Vince a greedy, heartless, son of a b—h. Vince pulls down his pants and Mick kisses Vince s ass. Melina hugs Mick after he kisses Vince s ass. Mick yells at Vince while Melina stands behind Mick. Melina with a low blow to Mick and then she stands by Vince and his son Shane. Vince wants to know what is the matter. Vince says that they have two words for Mick. Melina tells Mick You re Fired . Vince leaves the ring with Melina and his son Shane while Mick holds his family jewels. Vince says that he likes it when someone kisses his ass and it cannot end any better than it did tonight. Vince thanks Mick for joining the club and he walks to the back.


Vince says that he has had people rub him in the keister, wash his derriere before, and he has also had an ass-cial in the past so he is going to have another one. Vince tells Melina and Johnny to have a good night while he and Shane walk through the back. They are going to make up for all of the crap that DX did to them.

Vince and Shane walk outside the arena and his son Shane asks him if Vince is OK. Vince says that he thinks DX has broken him. Shane says that plane can be fixed. Vince says that it can never be the same again. Shane says that they have gone too far. Vince talks about what they did to the Raw Headquarters. Vince calls them rotten bastards. Vince says the first stop is the hangar. Vince and his son Shane get into the McLimo but Vince yells at the driver for not wearing a tie. Vince wants to go to the hangar to see his airplane. The McLimo drives away but it is connected to a chain and the rear axle of the McLimo is pulled off the car.

The driver opens the McLimo and he wants to know if Vince and his son Shane are OK. Vince and his son Shane get out and they wonder what they hit. Vince wants to know what the driver did. We see a green DX on the McLimo and Vince kicks the McLimo and then he screams and starts to cry as we go to credits.