WWE SmackDown Results - August 18, 2006

Credit: Jason & LordsOfPain.Net

WWE Friday Night Smackdown August 18, 2006 Washington D.C.:

They show a video focusing on The Undertaker and The Great Khali's rivalry. They face in a Last Man Standing Match tonight!

The Smackdown intro is shown. Followed by pyro.

Tonight Finlay vs. Lashley for the United States Championship.

Match 1: Batista vs. Sylvan

Sylvan comes out with a mic and talks in French. He says tonight he will beat Batista in Batista's hometown. Batista immediately spears Sylvan! Batista then spears Sylvan in the corner a couple of times and nails a spinebuster. Batista follows up and nails Sylvan with the Batista bomb and this ones already over! Sylvan never got to take his robe off haha.

Winner: Batista

Rating: No rating (Just a quick squash but made Batista look strong.)

Batista celebrates after his match with his hometown fans.


Footage is shown of Layla El winning the 2006 $250,000 Diva Search. (So I'm guessing she's on Raw? They never said during the Diva Search which show they'd end up on since they were on both shows during the Search. Oh well come next year and next diva search she'll be shipped over here like Christy Hemme and Ashley Massaro were.)

Match 2: Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Sylvester Terkay with Elijah Burke

MVP (Montel Vontavious Porter) is shown watching the show in the sky box with some ladies.

Footage is shown of Terkay demolishing all of his opponents the past three weeks.

Scotty punches Terkay and bails to the outside. Terkay nails a huge side kick that knocks Scotty off the apron. Burke throws Scotty back in the ring. Terkay nails a butterfly suplex and locks in some arm submission move but Scotty fights back with elbows but Terkay nails Scotty with a belly to belly suplex. Burke gives Terkay some water acting as if this was a boxing match. Scotty nails an elbow and kick in the corner but Terkay nails a huge suplex where he caught Scotty off the top rope and held him in the air for several seconds and dropped him down hard to the mat for the win.

Winner: Sylvester Terkay

Rating: 1/2 * (Wow I can't believe I'm saying this but Terkay really impressed me this week. Give him more time and more wrestlers who actually get a chance to fight back and he might go far in this business.)

After the match Terkay applied his arm submission on Scotty as MVP claps on in approval. (I wonder if Scotty will be fed to MVP in his first match?)

Rey vs. Chavo at SummerSlam will happen my friends. They show a video about the relationship of Eddie Guerrero and his best friend Rey Mysterio.


Kristal Marshall is interviewing WWE Tag Team Champions Brian Kendrick and Paul London backstage. Kristal gets in their face saying they lost last week to KC James and Idol Stevens. Kendrick said we may have lost last week but it was a non title match. When Paul London was about to speak KC James and Idol Stevens attack London and Kendrick from behind as Michelle McCool bark out orders. Michelle nails London with her yard stick and the number one contenders vicously through London and Kendrick into walls.

Match 3: Mr. Kennedy vs. Tatanka

Kennedy does his usual ring intro cutting off Tony Chimel. (When is Chimel going to get the message and just stop?) They lock up and Tatanka pushes Kennedy. Kennedy rakes Tatanka's eyes but Tatanka chops Kennedy down hard. Kennedy bails to the outside but Tatanka follows and chops him some more. Back in the ring Tatanka nails a nice cross body block and follows up with a clothesline to Kennedy. Kennedy then drop kicks Tatanka's knees and drop kicks once more this time with Tatanka in the corner. Kennedy continues to work on Tatanka's legs applying a some what version of a one legged boston crab and mocks Tatanka. Kennedy drives Tatanka knee first into the mat and covers for two. Kennedy clotheslines Tatanka down and covers and gets another two count. Tatanka kicks away at Kennedy and throws him face first into the turn buckle. Tatanka nails a running clothesline. Tatanka follows up with a back body drop and goes up top and nails the tamahawk chop for a two and a half count. Tatanka goes for the samoan drop but Kennedy rakes his eyes and rolls him up but grabs his tights for leverage and the win.

Winner: Mr. Kennedy

Rating: * 1/2 (This was given the time and both Kennedy and Tatanka have been really impressive lately.)

After the match Tatanka argues with the referee about the decision.

They show Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP) again in the VIP room with some ladies watching the show.

The Undertaker vs. The Great Khali in a Last Man Standing Match is next!


At SummerSlam Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero will happen. They show us a video of Chavo's relationship with Eddie Guerrero.

Teddy Long is backstage talking to MVP's agent when Vicky Guerrero comes in. She begs him to cancel Rey vs. Chavo at SummerSlam. Long says his hands are tied. Vicky said in the name of Eddie Guerrero you have to stop this. Long says I'm sorry but the match is still on.

Match 4: Last Man Standing Match
The Great Khali with Daivari vs. The Undertaker


Taker and Khali lock up. Taker nails right hands. Khali chokes Taker in the corner and nails some elbows. Taker kicks at Khali's knees. Khali kicks Taker threw the ropes to the outside as a you can't wrestle chant starts for Khali. Khali slams Taker's head in the steel steps. Taker comes back and hangs Khali's neck on the top rope and lands a leg drop on the ring apron. Taker applies a triangle choke on Khali between the ropes and Khali is passed out. The referee starts the count but Khali gets up at 7. Khali falls back down again and Daivari nails Taker with a chair from behind. Taker chases Daivari to the entrance way but Khali follows and ditracts Taker as Daivari gives Taker a low blow. Khali and Taker are both on the platform where Rey jumps out on before his matches. Khali bounces Taker head first into the Smackdown set and throws Taker into some tables set up about 10 feet down! Taker is out as the referee starts the count but Taker gets up at 9 and a half.


Khali continues the attack on the outside and throws Taker face first into the fan barricade. Khali throws Taker back into the ring. Khali ties up Taker's arms in the ropes and chops away at his forehead numerous times. Taker finally breaks free and Nick Patrick starts the count. Taker sits up at 9. Taker comes back and clotheslines Khali over the top rope. Khali counters Taker and throws him knee's first into the steel steps. Khali throws Taker back in and throws the steel steps in as well. Taker grabs the steel steps and nails Khali with them! Taker punches Daivari in the face and grabs Daivari's chair that he had and placed Khali in between the steps and nails him with the chair twice! Khali is busted open! The referee counts but Khali gets up at 8. Taker then nailed Khali twice with the steel chair in the head and chokeslams him! The referee counts to 10 and Taker wins!

Winner: The Undertaker

Rating: ** 1/2 (Now this wasn't bad at all. It should have been on PPV. It was Khali's best effort to date.)

Taker celebrates the slaying of Khali after the match.


The Boogeyman is coming back video is shown. JBL looks frightened.

The SummerSlam card is shown.

Match 5: Vito vs. Scott Fowler

Vito is wearing a green and white dress this week. Vito pulls up his dress to scare Fowler and nails a clothesline followed by a leg drop. Vito with a headlock takedown. Vito follows up with another headlock takedown. Fowler punches away at Vito. Vito puts his feet up in the corner and kicks Fowler in the face and follows with a clothesline. He nails Fowler with a back body drop and lifts his dress up again and nails a huge DDT. Vito places Fowler's face in his crotch and applies his arm lock submission and Fowler taps.

Winner: Vito by submission

Rating: 1/2 * (Vito's a good sport with this gimmick, but this like all of his other matches are to short to really care about.)

Finlay vs. Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship is next.


Match 6: United States Championship
(champion) Finlay vs. Bobby Lashley

Finlay and Lashley lock up but Lashley pushes Finlay to the outside. They lock up again and both perform some mat wrestling holds and takedowns. Lashley rakes Finlay's eyes. So Finlay fakes an eye injury and nails a huge forearm to Lashley who fell for it. Lashley comes back and military presses Finlay unto his knee. William Regal comes down and distracts Lashley so Finlay can take the advantage and pushes Lashley face first into the ring post while Lashley was standing on the ring apron.


Finlay throws Lashley shoulder first into the ring post. On the outside Lashley back body drops Finlay. In the ring though Finlay comes back and nails a clothesline. Finlay drop toe holds Lashley and applies an arm lock submission while taunting Lashley. Lashley comes back with a huge belly to belly suplex. Lashley follows up with two clotheslines and a huge delayed vertical suplex. Lashley punches Regal off the ring apron and Finlay clotheslines Lashley. Finlay brings out the Little Bastard and holds him but Lashley spears the Little Bastard out of Finlay's hands! Lashley nails a running powerslam and covers but Regal pulls the referee out of the ring.

Winner: Lashley by disqualification

Rating: ** (Fine action. Finlay hasn't had a bad match yet and Lashley just keeps improving.)

The Little Bastard nails Lashley with the shillaleigh. Lashley moves and Finlay nails Regal with a steel chair. Lashley punches the chair into Finlay's face and clotheslines him over the top rope. Lashley throws the chair out of the ring and directly into Finlay's head on the outside!

Backstage World Heavyweight Champion King Booker and Queen Sharmell are making their way to the ring.


In the ring Booker is sitting in his throne as Sharmell bows. Booker says he will walk in this Sunday and beat Batista to a royal bloody pulp. He says Batista has no heart, no passion, and no idea of what King Booker is all about. He says he will prove Batista can't beat the King. Booker says ther is an option B. He invites Batista out to the royal ring. Batista's music hits and he comes down to the ring. Booker asks if Batista is interested in option B. He says it will save Batista to not embarass himself by getting beat by Booker. He says option B is to bow down and get on your knees and kiss your King's royal feet. Booker sits in his throne and Sharmell takes off his shoe and sock. Batista acts as if his feet stink. Batista slowly gets on one knee and pretends to get ready to kiss it when he gets up and stomps on Booker's foot! Batista then clotheslines Booker over the top rope and puts on the King's robe and sits in Booker's throne! Booker and Sharmell are enraged as Batista smiles and the show comes to a close.

(This was an entertaining segment and a great way to end the night in terms of talking. Compared to how Raw ended with the boring Orton/Hogan segment this was a plus.)