3 Hour RAW Special Next Week, Hogan Note, & More Inside

Hulk Hogan was on the Speed TV show with Kenny Wallace, the driver who did the Stacker 2 commercials with Lita, Al Snow and other WWF stars many years ago. Wallace's favorite wrestler is Flair and started doing the strut during the segment. They compared biceps and Hogan joked Wallace's arm was about hte size of Flair's.

The USA Network will be airing a 3-hour special called "WWE: The Raw Family Reunion" next Monday, October 9th, 2006 from 8 PM to 11 PM.

Hulk Hogan met with Vince McMahon last week at WWE HEadquarters and pitched an idea for him to face The Big Show at Wrestlemania 23 to recreate the Hogan-Andre the Giant legend of Wrestlemania III.

WWE announced today that they had partnered with Sports Marketing of Japan to create a Japanese language version of WWE.com. The same company handles similar sites for the NFL and the NBA, among others.