Back-Story On Cryme Tyme, Cornette, Heyman, & More

Credit: Various

The Cryme Tyme vignette that aired on the 9/11 RAW actually previously aired on OVW television when the show was under the watch of Paul Heyman. The video was just done with a different voiceover. This was the video in which Cryme Tyme tested themselves for endurance. The guy in the video who took a wrong turn from Banana Republic and hadn't seen a Starbucks coffee shop in five blocks, and then ended up lost "in the hood" before being chased & pounced ? la Monty Brown by Cryme Tyme, was actually played by the husband of a WWE Diva. His wife is Beth Phoenix. Also, the victim in question happens to be an indy wrestler who sometimes wrestles under the name of Joey Knight. His real name is Joey Carolan.

September 21st: Bruno Sammartino taped an edition of the Straight Shootin' Series last weekend. This shoot was conducted by Jim Cornette. Look for this shoot interview next month.