Backstage News From The ECW/SmackDown! Taping

According to reports, there were said to be a number of people within the WWE locker room wondering if the Joey Styles "lap dance" by Ariel last night on ECW was booked on the show as a way to humble Styles a bit. Although in the past it was known that Vince McMahon was not happy with Styles' commentary style, he has reportedly liked his work lately, but some feel Vince may have booked the segment as a way of making a joke. Based on what is known, Styles has been described as someone who comes off very cocky backstage, something Vince is not fond of and the "lap dance" may have been booked to humble him.

Advertisement has been heavily promoting the upcoming Triple H vs. Vince McMahon match on Monday Night Raw next week at the top of the website. This has defintely caught the eye of many WWE wrestlers in regards to who rates high within the company, although that really shouldn't come as a surprise considering the parties involved. There was said to be a lot of talk at the last two days of WWE TV tapings of just how hard Vince has been pushing himself on TV lately.

Many WWE employees were said to have been rubbed the wrong way when Matt Striker was allowed to take a shot at the death of Steve Irwin on ECW last night. It truly didn't serve a huge purpose in Striker's promo (which was already going well without the Irwin mention) and was more of a "cheap heat" tactic if anything.