Balls Mahoney Update, Joey Mercury, SmackDown, More

As reported earlier this month, Balls Mahoney was suspended for 30 days following a failed drug test. According to reports, the ECW wrestler had indications of the pain killer, Demerol in his system. Mahoney was in the midst of being pushed with the brand, but will now have to take a major step back upon his return to the company.

Joey Mercury, former member of the tag-team MNM still remains in a rehabilitation center in Atlanta, Georgia. WWE officials have guaranteed his spot with the company when he is released.

According to a fan submission, WWE fans in the St. Louis area can watch SmackDown tonight at 10PM CT on the CW Network. The show was not aired last night due to the Cardinals baseball game. This really puts a strain on St. Louis fans since SmackDown has not been shown in this market for the past three weeks.

Sources: Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter, Reader Submission