Batista is said to be miserable being on Smackdown and he really wants to be brought back to Raw. It doesn’t seem likely that WWE will grant Batista his wish as Smackdown is lacking headline talent as it is and Smackdown can’t afford to be dealt yet another blow, especially considering that Rey Mysterio will be taking several months off to heal some injuries after No Mercy. has an interview online with Batista.

A sign that said, “Cena fears Workrate” was confiscated at last Sunday’s Unforgiven PPV, but a sign that said, “V1 fears Creative” (in reference to Matt Hardy) was not taken from the same fan.

UFC s Dana White was recently on Howard Stern 101 on Sirius, a guest on the Scott Ferrall show, and was taking calls. Kurt Angle was mentioned and Dana responded to the question of Kurt joining UFC by saying, “Kurt has always wanted to fight UFC, he is ready for REAL FIGHTING!” The caller also asked if he was worried about Angle s drug problem and why he left WWE. Dana responded saying that he wasn t sure why he left WWE and said that he thinks he was physically beat up but really was ready for “Real fighting” now.

The Boston Metro paper features an article where they speak about the negative stereotyping of Cryme Tyme’s gimmick and one man’s fight to make WWE kill the gimmick.

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