Big Possible Spoilers For Unforgiven Tonight

The following are possible spoilers for tonight's WWE Unforgiven PPV.

- Expect John Cena to win the WWE Championship tonight at the pay-per-view unless plans change. Edge has never lost a TLC Match, and it is expected he will tonight unless there are last minute changes. Also, expect John Cena to be booed out of the building tonight.

- The Hell in a Cell between the McMahons/Big Show against DX will be a bloodbath. Just like Shane always does at these pay-per-views, expect him to do yet another one of his classic bumps. Expect DX to win this one, but a storyline twist will probably be thrown in.

- Between Trish Stratus and Lita, expect Trish to win this one just to give fans a storybook ending to her career.