Chris Kanyon Comments On His 'Invasion' Of D-X

Chris Kanyon Comments On His 'Invasion' Of D-X

From Chris Kanyon's blog -


You may have read or heard that I showed up at a WWE Raw house show Friday, 9-8-06, and created a "disturbance." Well, before people jump to conclusions and try to put their own spin on what and why I did what I did, I figure you might as well hear it from the horse's mouth.

Part of the reason dates back to the Smackdown show taped on 2-11-03, airing on UPN 2-13-03. It was my return to national TV after many months recovering from injury as well as many months helping with the WWE's training system, Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), in Louisville, KY. After so much time off TV, instead of any build up and fanfare for my return, the WWE had me dress up as a known homosexual (Boy George), come out of a large crate in the middle of the ring (a closet, so to speak), sing in a very effeminate voice ("sing like a f-g" I was told by the agent/creative person assigned by Vince McMahon to me and this "storyline,"), and take a very physical, stiff beating from the Undertaker including 3 extremely brutal and UNSAFE chair shots to the small of the back and the top of the head.

Now, I believe this was in response to my possible plans, at the time, to come out of the closet nationally. Prior to my comeback, I had several discussions with people within the WWE about coming out, and I am sure it got back to Vince. Instead of just telling me that he would prefer it if I didn't come out, I believe he set up this angle as a message to me. I can't say that for sure, but if it wasn't a message, it was an incredible coincidence. Following this incident I was very rarely on Smackdown or Raw, and was pretty much beaten every week until I was fired. I guess everyone can draw his/her own conclusions.

Now, as recently as a few weeks ago, my goal was to return to the WWE, I guess in some ways not wanting to believe that I was really fired because I was gay. But I was curious. Several attempts to contact and talk to the WWE about a possible return went unanswered. And in trying to find out about the potential for a return, I found out from people within the WWE that my suspicions about being fired because I was gay, according to them, were correct.

One person high up on the corporate side confirmed that Vince knew that I was gay and that was at least part of the reason that I was released. This person told me that Vince has said in the past, "it is my company, and I can hire and fire whoever I want for whatever reason I want." And, although morally I do not agree with that statement, in some ways I see his point and in some ways I agree with him&.if it was a private company. But the WWE is a public company, and Vince's top priority should be turning a profit for his stockholders. He should not allow any of his personal animosity or prejudices towards any groups or individuals affect decisions that may affect potential profit for his stockholders. But that is just my opinion.

I also heard from a high profile wrestler who was in both the WWE and WCW who said that he was aware of an agent who had also known that I was gay (it was not a well kept secret within the industry for many years), and that this agent would often talk of me being gay and he would refer to me in some circles as "that fu**ing f-ggot," and "that queer." This agent was often responsible for my matches (the agent is often the liaison between the wrestlers and Vince McMahon), and on several occasions, I know that he lied to Vince about things that I had said and did. I do believe that may have also been a factor in my being fired, but again, you can form your own opinions.

All that brings us to Friday, September 8, 2006 in Tampa, Florida. I decided to attend the show because I was frustrated with my inability to hear from Vince McMahon on whether what I had heard was true or not. If I found out from him that it was true, I would have to move on with my life. There would be no attempted lawsuits (I really don't believe in them) and I believe I would really have no hard feelings. I would just know it was my time to move on. Everything happens for a reason, and I would take this as a sign that there are other things for me to do out there. It would give me closure to a great chapter in my life.

On the other hand, if it is not true, I would like one more run. I miss wrestling in the WWE and I feel I still have something to offer. But, thus far, I have not heard from Vince. So I decided to bring 2 signs to the house show. "HHH, PLEASE ASK VINCE WHY HE REALLY FIRED ME" and since that really didn't let Vince know what I was thinking. "SHAWN PLEASE PRAY FOR MY GAY SOUL." I intentionally did not do this during the match out of respect to Shawn and HHH, since I would never want to distract from anyone's match.

So, during their INTRODUCTION, I went to ringside with the signs and HHH and Shawn both came to the rope on the side I was standing and acknowledged my presence, which was a show of class by them. Shawn nodded and gave me a thumbs up, I assume meaning he would, in fact, pray for me. HHH grabbed the mic and said something, almost inaudible, I think saying, "Who invited Kanyon?" Security ushered me out of the building, although I had paid for my ticket (the nice promoter for the WWE, Bret, did get tickets for my friends, but I bought my own ticket).

And that was that. Not a publicity ploy, as some will accuse. And it was definitely not an attempt to upset anyone or distract from the show (if I did that I am sorry). I do want to take this opportunity to personally apologize to WWE Security, Jimmy N. He is a great guy, always treated me well when I was with the WWE, and he does a great job. I am sorry if I upset him. In closing, I would like to say that what I did was just an attempt to get some answers so that I can move on with my life, get some closure or return to the national wrestling scene. The ball is in Vince's court. I really wish he would just let me know if I can still play the game again or not.