ECW Confirmed For Survivor Series PPV

ECW Confirmed For Survivor Series PPV


After last year s Survivor Series featured a battle of the brands in a Classic Survivor Series Match between Team SmackDown and Team RAW, did you really think that the annual Thanksgiving season pay-per-view would roll around again without ECW trying to crash the party? Yea, we didn t either. So it came as no surprise when was informed that the ECW Extremists will be looking for their piece of the action in Philadelphia on November 26.

The details of ECW s involvement in Survivor Series are still unclear, but we do know for certain that the Extremists will be in the building and that it will be RAW vs. SmackDown vs. ECW when the second longest running pay-per-view in WWE history celebrates its 20th anniversary. Will we still see a Classic Survivor Series elimination tag match, or will the involvement of a third brand bring about a new type of match stipulation?

The Extremists will be hoping to shake up the landscape of one of the biggest and most popular pay-per-views in WWE. Survivor Series has been the setting for many a classic WWE moment, and Paul Heyman s extreme cult will storm into the Wachovia Center looking to replace WWE fans Survivor Series memories of Sharpshooters and Big Boots with tables, chairs and high-risk stunts.

They will have their work cut out for them, as Survivor Series 1997 is, even nine years later, one of the most talked about events in WWE history. That event is, of course, the infamous Montreal Screwjob, in which Bret Hart was cheated out of the WWE Championship when Mr. McMahon forced the timekeeper to Ring the f***ing bell!

The addition of ECW to the Survivor Series roster provides a wealth of excitement and unpredictability, but it will certainly not be the first big debut at the November pay-per-view. Kurt Angle, Undertaker and The Rock all got their first taste of WWE Superstardom at Survivor Series, and in 2002, WWE fans witnessed the type of carnage that the Extremists will hope to bring to Surivor Series with the unveiling of the Elimination Chamber.