ECW On Sci Fi Results - September 12, 2006

ECW On Sci Fi Results – 09/12
New York, NY
Report By: Eddie Martin of LordsOfPain

Heyman comes to the ring. Everyone in attendance is a part of history as the ECW flag flies in Madison Square Garden. Heyman feels he has someone to thank for this accomplishment, himself. He is the one responsible for ECW going from the bingo hall to the garden. Screw the fans, they are the reason ECW went bankrupt years ago. Sabu comes down to the ring. Sabu makes it past security and tackles Heyman. Heyman s security force jumps in the ring. Security guy #1 eats a chair, Security guy #2 is hit with the Arabian Face Buster. Heyman recalls his troops. Heyman says Sabu will pay because tonight it s the Big Show versus Sabu&.Extreme Rules. Sabu points to the sky as we go to commercials.

RVD vs Hardcore Holly

RVD gets the early advantage with kicks. Holly flips him outside the ring. Holly slingshots onto RVD on the outside. RVD hits a moonsault off the security railing. Back inside, Holly goes for a pin and doesn t get 2. Holly chokes RVD on the ropes. Holly dropkick for 2. RVD makes a comeback. RVD lands a whirlwind kick. RVD hits the Rolling Thunder for 2. RVD monkey flips Holly. RVD goes up top, but holly hits the ropes. Holly tries for superplex. RVD blocks it, knocking Holly down. RVD is in position for the 5 Star Frog Splash. Stevie Richards and Mike Knox Test rush the ring. 4 on 1 beat down. Dreamer and Sandman make the save. Kendo stick shots for all from the Sandman. RVD nails the 5 Star Frog Splash on Richards. Sandman, Dreamer, and RVD celebrate with beers in the ring.

Winner by DQ: Rob Van Dam

CM Punk vs Shannon Moore

Moore slaps Punk. Moore takes the early advantage. CM Punk counters a tornado DDT with his modified tarantula. Punk hits a running knee and turns it into a bulldog on Moore. Punk hits a Jiu-jitsu combo on Moore. Punk puts Moore in the Anaconda Vice. Moore taps out.

Winner: CM Punk

Punk is backstage with Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke. Kelly Kelly tells Punk that she is a fan of his and an exhibitionist. Kelly wants to go out for a wild night at the clubs, but she is only 19. She suggests that the stay in. Mike Knox grabs Kelly by the arm and takes her away.

Kevin Thorn and Ariel make their way to ringside.

Rene Dupree vs Balls Mahoney

Dupree jumps Balls as he gets in the ring. Balls goes for his punching combo, but Dupree moves out of the way. Dupree keeps the advantage. Dupree does the French tickler. Elbow drops and knee drops on Balls. Balls battles back, hits a spinebuster on Dupree. Balls hits the punch combo. Balls and Dupree knocked to the outside. Thorn tries to attack Balls from behind, but gets a fist to the jaw. Balls grabs a chair. The ref grabs it and Dupree takes it from the ref. While the ref is distracted, Thorn dropkicks Balls off the apron into the ring steps. Balls hit hard. Back inside, Dupree covers him for the 3 count.

Winner: Rene Dupree

Back from commercials, Matt Striker is backstage. He has been teaching the Sandman very valuable lessons. But tonight, he is concerned about our consumption of giggle water while enjoying the Sandman beat people up. He noticed that Sandman corralled some of his buddies for more violence. A man is judged by the company he keeps. Drink beer with the Sandman or go to class and learn with Striker. I know it doesn t make sense, but that s what he said.

Tazz and Styles hype the Vengeance Hell in a Cell match at Vengeance. Highlight video from Raw is shown.

Big Show vs Sabu

After formal introductions of the combatants, Sabu goes outside the ring and pulls out tables before the match even starts. Sabu throw a chair at Big Show, but show deflects it. Sabu goes for tie ups, but Big Show keeps breaking out of them. Big Show throws Sabu outside the ring, where security works him over. Security throws Sabu back in. Head butts for Sabu. Big Show tries to take Sabu s head off with a clothesline. Big Show goes for a nonchalant cover and gets 2. Big Show stands on Sabu. Sabu kicks the Big Show in the family jewels. Sabu throws a chair into Show s face twice. Sabu locks in the camel clutch. Big Show counters out into a side slam. Big Show instructs security to put a table in the ring. Show sets up for the choke slam, but Sabu reverses in into a DDT through the table. Chair shots for the Big Show. Show tries to leave the ring. Sabu knocks him off the apron through a table on the outside. Sabu battles security. Big Show is back up. Big Show tries to ram Sabu into the ring post, but Sabu slides out. Show crashes into the ring post. More chair shots on Big Show. Big Show is laid on the table. Sabu goes for a triple jump face buster, but gets caught by Big Show. Sabu gets a choke slam through the table. Big Show climbs back in the ring while security rolls Sabu back in the ring. Big Show hits his submission backbreaker and leg drop for the 3 count.

Winner: Big Show

Styles and Tazz contemplate what is in store for DX at Unforgiven to end the show.