SmackDown commentator John Bradshaw Layfield conducted an in-depth, up-close and personal interview with former RAW General Manager and head of WCW Eric Bischoff for The interview covers Bischoff’s new book, Controversy Creates Cash, as well as a number of other hot topics. The interview was divided up into four parts and can be viewed now over at

In the first video, Eric Bischoff talked a bit about Lex Luger and his Nitro debut. A picture of Luger is currently the main centerpiece on and the headline reads “Can’t Draw A Dime”. The headline is somewhat misleading as the interviewer, JBL, said that particular quote. Bischoff didn’t really have anything negative to say about Luger, but JBL tried to egg him on by criticizing Lex himself.

Eric Bischoff also questions Paul Heyman’s ethics in his new book. He talks about how Heyman always tried to paint him as the “bad guy.” The headline reads “A Liar?” Also, both JBL and Eric Bischoff have some harsh words for Vince Russo in this video.

In the third video, Eric Bischoff questions giving Kevin Nash so much power in the interview. The headline reads “Big Lazy?”

In the final video, Eric Bischoff reveals his feelings about just who killed WCW. Was it Vince McMahon? The headline reads “WCW Killer?”

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