In an article on, cleared up the rumors regarding his supposed departure from the company. JBL won’t be leaving the WWE anytime soon as he has agreed to a long-term deal to remain as the Smackdown color commentator. Also, JBL blasts the person who leaked the information regarding his rumored departure from the company, saying “the guy who did this is a piece of s*** and should be fired.” The information was leaked to some wrestling insiders and it instantly spread all over the internet late last week.

In the article, JBL admitted that the internet stories weren’t completely false, but they were filled with misleading and skewed information. JBL said, “There was truth to [the rumors]. Doing commentary but not being able to wrestle bothered me; being close to something that I love and not being involved. It really ate me up. I talked to WWE officials and [Executive Vice President of Television Production] Kevin Dunn about leaving commentary because I was heartbroken that I couldn’t wrestle not because I wanted to quit the business.”

JBL also talked about all the half-truths and gossip that gets published online from time to time. “That’s their right in this country … it’s their right to make money however they can, legally. I have no problem with that,” he said. “They slam the business a lot of times, I think unnecessarily, and a lot of things they report are incorrect and this is one of them, which doesn’t bother me either. By the time it was reported, I already approached WWE and told them that I wanted to stay, so the reports were pretty far off,” he said. “[WWE] didn’t pursue me that’s one of the things the Internet had wrong. [It was reported] that I gave notice and they called me and tried to work out a deal that’s not true.”

JBL doesn’t really seem to mind the ‘sloppy’ internet reporting, but what really set him off was the person who revealed his personal information to wrestling insiders. JBL said, “Whoever in our company stooged us out, that person should be fired. It was a pretty close circle who knew I had actually come to an agreement to quit, so to have that out on the Internet, it came from someone in our company. That, to me, is tantamount to someone working for Microsoft and giving away software information. The guy who did that is a total piece of s*** and should be fired.”

In the article, JBL also talks about what caused him to retire from the ring, his financial job, his commentating duties, and more.

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