Jericho's Return, Bangin' With Ashley, New WWE Agent, & More

Al Snow and former WWE announcer Rue are featured in a new independent film "They're Just Friends" that has a limited release starting this weekend. You can find out more about the film at

Mike "I.R.S." Rotunda was one of the agents at last week's WWE tryout in Canada, so it looks like he has been hired.

A dark match between John Cena & DX vs. Edge & Randy Orton & Umaga is being advertised to take place after the 10/23 Raw in Chicago.

In Ashley Massaro's "Bangin' With Ashley" column, Ashley interviewed Chris Jericho. When Ashley asked Jericho about a possible return to WWE, Jericho replied, "Well, I never planned to be away that long, and absolutely I plan on coming back. I've just had a lot of projects I ve been working on, and each time one finishes up, another one starts, but I do hope the time will come soon that I come back and I ll be better than ever. The Jerichoholics and myself would expect nothing less!"