Joey Mercury Still In Rehab, 2 Cold Scorpio To WWE?, More

2 Cold Scorpio, 41, had a tryout match with Rene Dupree prior to the Smackdown tapings two weeks ago. He pinned Dupree. World Champion King Booker is a big backer of him and he is pushing WWE to sign him. Scorpio is the current GHC Hardcore champion in Pro Wrestling NOAH.

Ryan Wilson's character in OVW, Jacob Duncan, is being modeled after Waylon Mercy to a degree, which was Dan Spivey's WWF gimmick in 1995. Also note, the Waylon Mercy gimmick was based on Robert De Niro's portrayal of "Max Cady" in the 1991 re-make of Cape Fear.

To give you an update on Joey Mercury's status, he is still in drug rehab. He's been there since June. Also, Super Crazy hasn't had his liver cleared yet. He was taken off the road last month due to elevated liver enzymes. What with the returns of Matt Hardy and Kid Kash at this past week's Smackdown taping, Joey Mercury and Super Crazy are the only wrestlers not back in action.