Kelly Kelly Dating Test, Heat On ECW Star, New Wrestler Signed

Source: The Observer

There is a lot of heat on Justin Credible these days. Apparently, he no-showed either last week's ECW television taping (09/05/06), or the taping from the week before (8/29/06). The reason for his no-show is currently unknown. He didn't bother to give a phone call to management. Also, he didn't appear on any house shows this past weekend. Some people are comparing this situation to the entire Axl Rotten deal back in June.

WWE has signed perennial WCW Saturday Night wrestler Brad Armstrong to a contract. He is expected to actually wrestle for ECW, mostly on house shows though. He'll mainly be used to help put talent over and to give the younger wrestlers tips. Armstrong is 45 years old.

Barbie "Kelly Kelly" Blank is now dating Andrew "Test" Martin.

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