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Dark Match: Viscera/Haas vs Duggan/Eugene
Eugene got a pretty strong heel reaction. Duggan was obviously the most over of the match with alot of USA chants.

Live notes from the ECW show:

The crowd was VERY disappointing in my opinion. There were scattered ECW chants throughout the building but MSG is so big that the chants didn’t catch on to other sections. I really hope they run future NYC tapings at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Comparing watching the new ECW at MSG and the Hammerstein is like night and day.

Live notes from the Raw taping:

Roddy Piper was the most over wrestler on the show. Being there to see Piper back in MSG was awesome.

I don’t know if it was shown on TV but after Trish vs Mickie Trish got on the mic and thanked the fans and got a “Thank you Trish” chant.

During the 6 man there were deuling chants of “Lets go Cena” and “F** you Cena”, “Go to Smackdown” and “Stay on Raw”. “Cena swallows”. Cena still had a huge babyface response from the crowd and was a lot more over than I thought he would be here at the Garden. Also during this match there were HUGE dueling chants of “Lets go Yankees” and “Lets go Mets”, all the wrestlers just went to ringside and did a standoff until the chant died down. Vintage NYC crowd. It was really fun to be in the crowd for this match.

During one of the commercial breaks(I assume) Todd Grisham came out and was giving live commentary over the house mic while they showed various signs from fans in the crowd on the Titantron. There were some funny signs. “Fire Brian Gerwitz” was shown and got a good pop from the crowd.

During the McMahon beat down of DX, there was a pretty loud “We want X-Pac chant”

Overall the show was really fun although I was very disappointed in the ECW taping and the crowd for the taping.

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