Live Notes From WWE Unforgiven, Dark Match & More

Credit: visitor Andrew Hutchinson

I just returned from the Unforgiven PPV here in Toronto. I don't know if I was on TV or not, but I was the guy with the "Apple with an afro" sign. Now onto the matches:

Dark match: Shelton Benjamin vs. Super Crazy: Shelton gets nice reception until people remember he's a heel. Super Crazy got a nice pop. Good back and forth match with Crazy getting the win.

Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro: Intercontinental title: One of the better matches of the night. I liked how Nitro worked Hardy's knee and Hardy sold it pretty well. Melina interfering ruined a perfectly good match, and it looked pretty stupid, considering the whole match they are selling to us that Hardy's knee is messed up and then he's out with a shot to the face.

Marine preview, second one of the night....yea....NEXT!

The crowd popped for Hardyz, while Lita got booed.

Umaga vs. Kane: A nice bout but the ending was so unclear since Lillian Garcia didn't announce it, so everyone live crapped all over it. The crowd loved Armando. The pyro is so much cooler in person. For part of the match, I think the crowd was confused who to cheer for.

Live, no one seemed to be paying attention to Vince's promo because everyone was so focused on chanting "Vince sucks."

The crowd were deadbeats during the tag title match, but there were a few "Let's go Robbie" chants.

The fans were surprised Hell in a Cell came so quickly but popped for the lowering of the cell. DX's "Are you ready?" entrance receiving a deafening reaction. There were lots of "Climb the cell chants." The crowd loved Vince's ass kissing spot with Big Show.

Trish Stratus vs. Lita was a nice bout which actually had some good women's wrestling. Trish's Sharpshooter for the win was an excellent touch. Thanks Trish!

Carlito vs. Randy Orton wasn't really paid that much attention to by the crowd as everyone was anticipating the TLC match next.

TLC was great with the usual stuff. The crowd popped for Edge's spear off the shorter ladder and Lita interfering. There were a lot more pro-Cena fans that one would expect. When the second table fell down and Cena put it back up, you knew it was going to be used, but just didn't expect Edge to go through it. The crowd was hot in this match and Cena received 60/40 cheer for posing on the runway.

Loudest Pops:

Trish's sharpshooter
Cena getting hurt or DX

Most Heat:

not a lot...maybe Nitro and The Hell in a Cell trio.