Major Update On Kid Kash's Release From WWE

As reported yesterday, WWE released Kid Kash. Kash's release shocked a number of workers considering that he wrestled at Tuesday's Smackdown taping and there wasn't any indication of a problem at all. On the other hand, his release seemed like only a matter of time. He was pretty much released over having a bad attitude.

The reason given for Kash's release was "well, it's Kid Kash and he has an attitude anyway" so WWE just decided to go ahead and release him and get it over with. Kash's "attitude problem" is the sort of thing where if someone such as Triple H, Undertaker, Randy Orton or some other headliners behaved in the same manner, nothing would come out of it, but because of him just being Kid Kash, it was enough for WWE to let him go. From what has been said, it wasn't really anything major that did him in, but things finally hit a breaking point and that was just enough for WWE to have an excuse to let him go.

The extent of Kash's attitude problem is that he was quite vocal in regards to giving ideas to the creative team for himself. It was quite obvious during his time in WWE that he hardly ever had much in the way of storylines.