Rock Note, Update On Fan Ejections, Hardy, Carlito, More

The Rock's new movie, "Gridiron Gang" debuted this weekend at #1 according to The Star Tribune. It pulled in $15 million in a weekend that was down from what movie industry experts were expecting but the movie did beat the much hyped, Black Dhalia, which came in with $10.4 million.

Here is an update to a story I posted this morning about two female fans being removed from the building last night for allegedly spitting on John Cena during the WWE Championship match. I noted that I did not see from my vantage point those two women spitting on Cena but apparently WWE security was lenient on the anti Cena signs (which in the past they have been reported to have removed some signs).

Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero, and Super Crazy are scheduled to wrestle at the DX Reunion Tour in Mexico, Jeff Hardy is also added to the card.

Carlito will appear at the 2006 Nickelideon Australian Kids' Choice Awards. The Nickelodeon Australian Kids Choice Awards 2006 will be held at The Sydney Entertainment Centre, Australia on 10/11. Now thats cool!