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The current plan is for Bobby Roode to hire Traci as his manager after he is done interviewing many former known managers. Traci hasn’t appeared on TNA programming since February. Also, Roode defeated a wrestler by the name of Vaughn Doring on the No Surrender pre-game show. This caused quite a stir afterward since it was a competitive four minute match in which Roode looked ordinary and it clashed with the image they’ve been presenting of him on television as “wrestling’s hottest free agent.” The match was competitive because booking committee member Scott D’Amore was high on Doring and he wanted him to have a chance to show his offense to management. Despite some pointing out the potential damage to Roode if the match went as he requested, D’Amore refused to change his mind.

Mike Tenay pushed in a production meeting the afternoon of the No Surrender PPV to find out more about the surprise announcement so he wouldn’t be at risk of hurting his credibility by over hyping it. He was not given any hints, and was told to do as he was asked and push the surprise as an industry-changing announcement. He was among several people who are usually plugged into what’s going on who were upset or hurt that they weren’t trusted.

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