Sirius Satellite Radio Show Petitions WWE Storyline

The following was sent out today:


From Kamala, the African savage, to Muhammad Hassan, the Arab terrorist, the WWE is no stranger to blatant racism. Their favorite whipping boy, African Americans, fall victim to their newest stunt, CRYME TIME and The After Hours Spot Radio Show is taking a stand!

The After Hours Spot, a national radio show heard on Sirius Satellite Radio, Monday Friday 8p- 12noon EST, Hip Hop Nation, co-hosted by Sgt. Reginald Hawkins, Orlando Quinones, Renada Romain, and Andy Dee, caused pandemonium across America when they exposed the WWE s latest racist wrestling characters that parodies black racial stereotypes in an effort to entertain all ethnic derivations, According to the WWE, The afro picking, grillz wearing CRYME TIME tag team, are two highly trained professional criminals who rob stores in an attempt to work on their speed. Each week CRYME TIME will engage in new criminalistic activity.

The After Hours Spot radio show is petitioning to put an end to the WWE s long history of racial injustice, by calling on the help of political activists and elected officials. All supporters of AHS can sign the Stop Cryme Time and Racism in the WWE petition at

or call Orlando Quinones toll free at (866) 744-0668 for more information.

The WWE will no longer entertain all ethnic derivations at the expense of African Americans or any other race. -AHS

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